Late Blooming Beauty

misting hydrosoul

We’re entering the season of in between. A time of liminality when the world is in transition.

In the garden of life the late bloomers are especially beautiful” -Susan Gale

Plants and skin speak the same language. The cycles of nature hold so many metaphors for our lives. In the southwestern high desert, autumn’s beauty is anticipated by the season black-eyed susans along the highway, set against red rocks, pale sage or a mountain skyline. Late bloomers infuse the world with hope even as first bloomers do at the first blush of spring. 

tulsi hydrosoul

Tulsi - the star of our late blooming garden!

This season, find  joy in discovering and pondering the “late bloomers” in your life: whether in your garden, in the changes in your appearance, or in life’s learned experiences. As your self care shifts with life’s seasons, don’t forget to be patient with yourself and rejoice in the journey.

There is always more beauty, evolving and changing, just around the bend. 

“The last to bloom is the strongest.” - Rune Lazuli 

flowers  black-eyed susan flowers 

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autumn skin ritual

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