Neroli Blossom ~ Honeyed Blossoms. Hypnotic Goddess

Neroli Blossom ~ Honeyed Blossoms. Hypnotic Goddess

Neroli Blossom

Divine nectarous citrus blossoms, softened and deepened by rich and heady vanilla beans.
Sensual and sweet, a true fragrant adornment.

Honeyed blossoms. Hypnotic goddess. Golden rays and cool shadows in the orchard.

Neroli is what the world now calls the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It got its name from the seventeenth century Italian Princess of Nerola, one of its first devotees, who used it as her personal fragrance.

It feels appropriate, as there is something eternally regal about this resplendent, shimmering floral note. Its hypnotic, honeyed decadence has certainly cast its spell across time and planted hardy seeds into the hearts of fragrance lovers everywhere. And at evanhealy we are certainly longtime devotees at the church of Neroli.

Orange blossom uplifts the spirit and the heart. It is lush with reverent sensuality. It sinks spirit into the flesh. In this way, it anchors you in your unique, undeniable beauty, remind you of your innate radiance.

On the skin neroli instills peace in all forms. Additionally, it is a wonderful choice for scarred skin. In our Neroli Blossom collection, we blend both a traditionally distilled orange blossom essential oil (neroli) and a more modern, but equally complex and unique, organic orange blossom extract. Vanilla bean seeps in and softens any edges, allowing the citrus blossoms to unfurl and shine in the fullness of their glory.

Neroli Blossom Body Wash

Washed in beauty.

This gentle, low-sudsing body wash cleanses and purifies the body while uplifting the heart, and refreshing the spirit. It can be used head-to-toe without stripping the skin of it’s protective, and essential living layer — the hydrolipid barrier. It makes a truly decadent facial cleanser.

Neroli Blossom Body Oil

Anointed in beauty.

A true sensual feast. Decadent, and indulgent. Blossoms unfurling on skin, like warm sunlight. This silky and nourishing oil is crafted to deeply moisturize, soften and sanctify skin, while helping you to feel at home, and beautiful, in your body. Into a foundation of Arizona-grown jojoba, we have woven two forms of orange blossom, vanilla, marula and sunflower oils to create a fragrant tapestry that wears like the finest silk.

This oil is an excellent choice for individuals who want one single oil to tend to both face and body, as the therapeutic addition of neroli makes this blend a truly lovely oil for face, as well as for body. We love pairing it with a small amount of our Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf. The combo is, to say the least, swoon-worthy.

Neroli Blossom Body Lotion

Cocooned in beauty.

Creamy, lightweight velvet moisture to soften, nourish, and hydrate the often neglected skin of your body. Kperisi village shea butter, Arizona-grown jojoba oil, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, sunflower, avocado, and olive oil unite to consecrate, cool and care for dry, devitalized and thirsty skin. Orange blossoms and vanilla beans infuse this delicate, but nourishing cream.

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