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    Evan’s Reflections on Autumn Skin

    Evan’s Reflections on Autumn Skin

    Autumn is my time of year. I am home, finally at peace after the searing heat of summer. As the days grow quietly shorter, the light is more muted and subtle. Golden colors begin to soften the sharp edges of life that summer’s energy created, and for me, living at a frenetic pace.

    Autumn is a time of transition. The temperatures drop and we are intuitively drawn inward; physically and emotionally. We are craving more sleep, and long soaks in the tub by candlelight. It is a time of reflection and insight. We want to slow down, rest and lie fallow

    Our skin senses the temperature and color changes, the loss of light and the shortening of days. Skin is adaptive and intuitive, always shape-shifting and transforming. Cool, crisp air can create lovely apple-ruddy cheeks, but it also can mean dryer more dehydrated skin.

    Old porch during the autumn

    When looking to transform our skin we need to understand that “as above, so below.” Use the skin as your diagnostic organ, and begin to observe, touch and feel the changes taking place.

    The symbolic meanings of autumn are more profound than you think. Ancient cultures, science, and astrology have associated many aspects of this beautiful season to human life. These symbolic associations are powerful reminders that Mother Nature has an incredible influence on our lives. To enjoy a season of rest allows the skin and the nervous system to mend.

    "To lie fallow is a gift. We don't really know how to do it. Rather we are done by it or undone by it. The moments we are allowed to be in that condition are times of gratitude...It is there that God makes each of us a fertile ground, a bearing soil."

    ~ From A Mystic Garden, by Gunilla Norris


    XO, Evan