A Conversation with Artist Kateri Ewing

flower by Artist Kateri Ewing

Kateri Ewing is a Western New York-based, watercolor painter, art teacher, author, and nature lover. Her contemplative and meditative works have been admired by evanhealy for their ability to capture the delicate details of the natural world. We recently had the honor of collaborating with her to create some magical, high-vibrational art for our Pink Flower Moon ritual. We hope that her art will inspire a mindful moment of reflection and self-care.

Kateri was kind enough to provide a Flower Moon watercolor lesson for those who would like some guidance in creating their own masterpiece. See video:

What inspires you?

Kateri: I live in an historic village just southeast of Buffalo. I have a modest little house that is a sanctuary of pure creative industry that I share with my sweetheart, and three cats. Out my back door is 633 acres of fields, woodlands, ponds and wetlands. It's a magical place in all seasons. And honestly, my materials inspire me as much as anything. A gorgeous piece of white paper, a well-made paint brush, a rainbow of pigments. I am especially inspired by the handmade watercolors created by my friends Agnese and Daina of Deep Deep Light. Watercolor, as an expressive medium, is alive. How can you not be inspired by those gorgeous colors awakened by water, dancing and mingling together on the page?

What is your philosophy on art and practices around creativity-why does it seem like there is a Zen-like quality to your artwork? 

Kateri: The answer to this question is basically the same for other areas of my life, including skin care rituals. For me it is not results oriented or burdened with any expectations, but is completely about the truth of the moment and the direct experience of ritual and sensorial awakening and pleasure. For me, my watercolor practice is truly a meditation.

Kateri Ewing artwork

What does your evanhealy ritual look like?

Kateri: My ritual is different every day! I am so in the moment and I am so fortunate to have collected the most gorgeous cupboard full of evanhealy. When I enter the sacred space that is my bathroom (it's a really plain and tiny space, but it still holds magic) and open my cupboard I feel like an alchemist who can intuitively choose from among all of those gorgeous plant essences, oils and butters. I cleanse daily with a warm water wash with a gentle application of Tea Tree Cleanser mixed with a small amount of Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion, then very generous mists of Immortelle or Frankincense Hydrosol, then a mix of Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir or Sandalwood Serenity Serum and lots more Hydrosoul, and if I am feeling like I need it I'll add some Whipped Moroccan Argan Butter (that stuff is the nectar of the gods) and more Hydrosoul. Always more Hydrosoul! Lately I have been clay masking almost daily. I really pay attention to how my skin feels at that moment, and then choose.

evanhealy flower by Kateri Ewing

I also use lots of body oil when my skin is wet after a quick rinse in the shower. I am in love with Neroli Frankincense and Blue Cactus body oil. Of course I use Whipped Shea Lip Butter allllll day. I have them everywhere. 

If folks are interested in learning how to paint from you, how would they do that? 

Kateri: I use my Patreon virtual classroom to interact with my students, worldwide, daily. I truly believe that creating art is a must for every human being, and I include simple lessons to make your creative practice a simple, daily habit. I also have an online school, Art & Spirit Studio. Everything is linked through my website, Brand new beginners who say they “don’t have a creative bone in my body,” are my very favorite students. I prove them wrong every single time.

What’s the best way to keep in touch or sign up for lessons?

Kateri: You can follow me on Instagram @kateriewing, @artandspirit_studio and visit my website,

Kateri Ewing

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