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    Evan’s Heart Opening Neck and Décolleté Rose Petal Mask Treatment

    Evan’s Heart Opening Neck and Décolleté Rose Petal Mask Treatment

    The area of the neck and décolleté are often overlooked in facial care treatments. This protocol provides a deeply nourishing, restorative and hydrating treatment using cleansing, clay masks, and a heart opening massage and lymphatic movements utilizing calming fragrances to relax the psyche, and refine the skin of the neck and this special heart-centered area of the body.

    C L E A N S I N G

    This treatment starts with a mild and gentle cleansing with our Rose Cleansing Milk and mists of Rose Petal HydroSoul.

    First, dilute the Rose Cleansing Milk with a little warm water.

    Massage into neck and down into the chest area using an easy circular 8 motion called a lemniscate,an infinitysymbol connected to love, beauty and power. The lemniscate used in this massage movement includes circling the shoulders, and is symbolic of a sense of simplicity and balance. It reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us. It is specifically soothing and inclusive of chest area and shoulders.

    The thousand petaled lotus symbolizes the thousand nadis in the crown chakra. All movements meet in the heart center, creating a mild euphoria and encouraging peaceful feelings.

    M A S K I N G

    Use our French Rose Clay Mask to treat this area of the body. Mix mask with spring water, Rose Petal HydroSoul or Rose Geranium HydroSoul.

    Optional: Add one drop of rose otto essential oil, mists of Rose Petal HydroSoul and a pump of Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil into the clay mask.

    In a clay bowl start with 2 teaspoons of Clay (more or less) and mix to a creamy consistency. Using the Clay Mask Brush, gently brush over face, down neck, and onto chest from shoulder to shoulder.

    The heart and the breath are connected and meet in the center of our chest.

    Once the mask is dry, generously mist face, neck and chest area with Rose Petal HydroSoul, and use a warmed cloth to remove any signs of mask.

    Evan’s Heart Opening Neck and Decollete Rose Petal Mask Treatment 2

    R E L A X I N G M A S S A G E

    Using any one of our Body Oils, such as the Neroli Frankincense, begin at the forehead, work down massaging the face, down the sides of the neck and using the special lemniscate massage move described above, include the gentle circle 8 moves from shoulder to shoulder and crossing in the middle of the chest. Add lymphatic movements if desired. These are very gentle pressing pulsing movements down neck and into chest area, ending at heart center.

    Concentrate on breathing from the heart, and making the breath slower, quieter, deeper and more rhythmical.


    The breath and the heart are connected.

    Rhythm is restored.

    The regulation of the breath is balancing, calming, and invigorating.