Pomegranate & Our Yearly Descent into the Underworld

Pomegranate & Our Yearly Descent into the Underworld

Life. Death. Rebirth. Regeneration.

The symbolic and scientific power of Pomegranate.

Today we are talking about Pomegranate, the mythic fruit of the ancients.

Inside the blood-red orb of the pomegranate fruit is a lacework filigree of delicate pith cocooning unending clusters of garnet gems that glitter with juicy vitality. Pomegranate is the very picture of abundance and fertility. But what makes this ancient symbol of fertility so unique is that it reaches full ripeness right at the end of the earthly year, as the nights turn long and dark and the rest of plant life is beginning to wither and decay. This certainly speaks to its regenerative powers.

In ancient Greece pomegranate was considered the fruit of the dead. It was associated with Persephone’s yearly descent into the underworld and the blood of Dionysus, a god who in many ways represents the very soul of the world itself. But pomegranate’s sacred history has roots that stretch even deeper into the ancient world.

Roots that sink down into depictions in Sumerian art, and associations with Inanna. Roots that coil around offerings to Ishtar, and slink into Egyptian tombs. This fruit of the dead has been an important symbol in Islam and Judiasm, and is mentioned multiple times in the Qur’an, Talmud, and bible. Even King Solomon in his Song of Songs compared the beauty of his lover to that of a slice of pomegranate.

Powerful. That is what pomegranate is. Few plants have the history, the reach, the reverence and mysticism associated with it as this special fruit does.

Its associations and symbols are almost paradoxical. Life, death, rebirth, and regeneration. Paradoxical, that is, unless we look at the fact that these things are innately interwoven and could not exist without each other. Pomegranate represents the cyclical nature of life on this planet. That is why its connection to the goddess Persephone is so monumental. Persephone who represents both the descent into autumn, and the return of life in spring.

Much of pomegranate’s fertility symbolism is certainly tied to its profusion of seeds. Seeds. Magical little vessels for life, dormant and waiting for awakening. Opportunity. Possibility. Building blocks of creation. Seeds are powerful things (which we’ll talk more in depth about later this month), and the nutrition we can gather from them can be truly transformative.

Mythic Beauty.

Pomegranate and the Skin.

For us, beauty is a mythic, sacred thing. And our relationship to our skin should be both symbolic and practical. Symbolic in that the meaning and understanding behind our actions is impactful and important, and medicine for the soul. Practical in that the skin is a living, breathing, protective and purifying barrier organ and that it requires thoughtful care and support.

And pomegranate is a plant that has both significant symbolic power, and a deep skin affinity.

Our favorite way to experience the beauty benefits of pomegranate is through the seed oil. Pomegranate seed oil is a very unique oil. Its primary fatty acid is punicic acid, a rare and special compound that scientists have named Omega 5. It also contains a host of other phytonutrients and therapeutic constituents — polyphenols (antioxidants), sterols and tocopherols (vitamin e). Studies have proven that pomegranate seed oil encourages the proliferation of keratinocytes, which makes it the ideal companion for aging, thinning skin.

Pomegranate seed oil is the shining star and dominating botanical in our Pomegranate Repair Serum.

And though we adore this serum year around, we find it an especially suitable ally as we move from summer into fall and winter. It’s true that pomegranate helps us to ritualize our self care and cultivate seasonal and cyclical mindfulness, but we call upon pomegranate in the dark months not just for its mythopoetic prowess. We also choose it for its deep nutrition, lush antioxidant infusion, and its creamy, cocooning and supportive texture.

Pomegranate Repair Serum is an amazing ally for thinning, mature and aging skin, as well as skin that is sensitive, dry, acne-prone, or troubled in any form. It supports barrier-function, softens, calms, rejuvenates, and minimizes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Totally free of essential oils, it relies only on the tremendous synergistic power of pomegranate, rosehip, jojoba and sea buckthorn berry — making it a veritable feast of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. This serum is not for those looking for an untraceable, invisible companion that leaves no hint of its presence. It is thick and cushiony — the richest in our line — and while it absorbs beautifully, it also leaves a light slick of protective, velvety softness.

If you would like something lighter, but still want to experience the benefits of pomegranate seed oil, you can also find it in our Lavender Argan Light Moistuurizer.

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