Support Whole Planet Foundation - Empower our global community

Support Whole Planet Foundation - Empower our global community

whole foods whole planet foundation alleviating global poverty

Support Whole Planet Foundation

Empower Our Global Community

This month $1, from each Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf sold at Whole Foods Market, goes directly to Whole Planet Foundation.

To date, Whole Planet Foundation has reached 70 countries and has helped alleviate poverty by disbursing $66 million through micro-lending. Over half of that money comes from purchases made by Whole Foods customers. These microloans empower the world's poorest people to create or expand their businesses, allowing them to lift themselves out of poverty. The vast majority of clients (88%) are women, and with a 96% repayment rate, this money gets put back into micro-lending institutions and redistributed.

As you know, one of Evan’s great passions is to support our global community by contributing to the economic autonomy and empowerment of family farms, tribal villages, and women’sco-operatives through our purchasing of traditional, handcrafted plant ingredients. For this special opportunity, we’ve chosen our beloved Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf to act as emissary – a product that has played an integral role in our own direct contribution to the economic empowerment of women, farmers and indigenous communities worldwide.

kerisi village shea nut grinding facility with

The grinding mill and milling shed, funded by evanhealy, play a central role in the life of the women of the community.

Our shea butter comes directly from the hands of the women of the Kperisi Village in Ghana. For these women, shea butter production is their sole livelihood and affects the economic health of their entire community. Their story is an inspiring example of how we can play some small but significant part in the revitalization of communities through conscious spending – impacting health, education, and securing a future for younger generations.

evan healy sharing whipped shea butter with kperisi village woman

Evan sharing her Whipped Shea Butter with the women of Kperisi Village, Ghana 2014

Want to contribute? Drop by your nearest Whole Foods Market and pick up a jar of this luscious, frosting-like butter. You’ll not only be saving your winter skin but alsomaking a direct contribution to a life-changing non-profit organization.

Support Whole Planet Foundation. Empower our global community.

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