Natural beauty pioneers

Based in Carlsbad California. Founded in 1999 by Evan Healy and David Gordon. Early on Evan drew on the connection between the microbiome of the soil and that of the skin which has taken us to family farms, tribal villages, and women’s cooperatives in Morocco, Ghana, France, Chile, and regions within the US to source healing botanicals. Today our next generation leaders are working to reclaim the earth’s soil by pursuing a regenerative future.

  • Colleen Brown

    Executive Vice President

    The go-to operations chief. Trouble-shooter extraordinaire. The heart of the company. Always has chocolate.

  • Jessica Massey

    National Sales, Education & Esthetics Manager

    Herds cats. Circus juggler. Makes the cash register ring.

  • Shirley Jo Aiken

    Master Storyteller, Esthetician & Product Development Lead

    Brings the magic every day from her early days living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

  • Shelli Smith

    Operations Manager

    Who doesn’t love her? Auto shop boss. Montessori school principal. Traded it all in for plant magic.

  • Cindy Deverell

    Production Advisor. Coach.

    18-year company anchor. Has done it all. We wouldn’t be here without her.

  • Lisa Nichols

    Office Manager and HR Representative

    Every organization needs a pushy waitress (with a big heart). Keeps the troops in line.

  • Steph Cote

    Holistic Esthetician, Project Manager

    Brings order to chaos with a healing touch.

  • Jamie Burkhalter

    Esthetician & Educator

    Loves people and people love her. Thankfully she loves skin.

  • Kristof Reygel

    Artist | Photographer | Designer

    Moved to California. Purchased an e-bike, where he rides the coastal highway 101 with hair blowing in the wind and big bold ideas aloft.

  • Jessica Gordon

    Social Media Chief

    Dog mom to the company mascot. Spreads real news.

  • Victoria Ploesch

    Accounting Manager

    Twenty years of adding and subtracting makes it all add up here.

  • Vanesa Rojas

    Manufacturing Supervisor

    Largest spending limit in the company — somebody has to buy all the wonderful plants we use.

  • Rianna Harris

    Production Supervisor

    Biggest smile since the Cheshire Cat. Runs production like a Swiss clock.

  • Steven Cote

    eCommerce Manager & Digital Marketing Analyst

    Best beard ever. Brings calm to a chaotic digital world.

  • Brandon Grant

    Warehouse Manager

    Keeps upwards of 500 shipments coming and going on any given day. Stole his dad's job.

  • David Zafra

    Production Technician

    The production village keeper. He’s always ready to help in any area to ensure the job gets done well and on time.

  • Efred Rodriguez

    Fill Room Technician

    Hands and heart of gold. He has the Midas touch on our piston machines.

  • Maria Reyes

    Production Technician

    Bippty Bopity Boo…. Maria has production magic with the quickest hands and keenest eyes.

  • Roselyn Rojas

    Production Lead

    Rosy can do it all. A leader in production who is a whiz at everything she’s tasked with.

  • Joseph Suti

    Warehouse Lead

    A true gentleman! He makes sure the packages go out smoothly and the breakroom is stocked with cake.

  • Lisa Hand

    Production Technician

    Production Mom. Big heart and pockets filled with Skittles, always ready to listen and share her rainbows.

  • Desteny Lule

    Pick Room Lead

    The pick room master. Computer savvy business first attitude with a side of zest.

  • Crystal Soria

    Warehouse Technician

    The warehouse adventurer. Witty, strong, and bright, she’s handy and provides comedic relief daily.

  • Sokleen Bricke

    Lab Lead

    Lab’s Lead. A jack-of-all trades, she carefully crafts the products by day and becomes the best cookie baker by night.

  • Alba Reyes

    Promotions Coordinator

    It takes this martial arts brown-belt to wrestle promotional spreadsheets into compliance.

  • Amanda Lyman

    Customer Service Representative

    Made up of sugar, spice and everything nice.

  • Olivia Fuiava

    Customer Service Representative

    Embodies the Disney character Moana as she rides the wave at the happiest place on Earth.

  • Tania Martinez

    Customer Service Representative

    The OG and unofficial company historian.

  • Ben Trubach

    Production Technician

    The Production glue. He holds the team together with his amazing coffee, excellence ethos, and lightening fast label skills

  • Blanche Gerona

    Staff Accountant

    The calm amidst your financial storm leaving no penny unaccounted for. 

  • Kevin Griffith


    Turns red into black through his green (Irish) lens.

  • David Gordon

    Co-Founder | CEO

    After all these years, still singing songs of love. Doggedly sticking to his story of hockey stardom at the age of three.

  • Evan Healy

    Co-Founder | Visionary

    Channeled her botanical knowledge into plant magic for the skin.

Our Origin Story

David Gordon, Co-founder & CEO,
shares the brand’s origin story.

Evan and I have been doing this for 23 years. We started in August 1999. At that time, Evan was already a recognized pioneer in the natural personal care industry having first shaped the wellness department in her father’s natural foods store in San Diego. That was 1984 – almost 40 years ago. In 1986 she made her first foray to Germany to train with the Dr. Hauschka organization. Not long afterwards she trained as an esthetician and by 1988 she had opened her first esthetics practice.