Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about evanhealy, skin conditions, and our products.
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Product Specific

  • What is the difference between French Rose Clay and Green Tea Clay?

    Green Tea Clay provides a deep-action cleansing mask with the antioxidant properties of certified organic and powdered matcha green tea, which leaves the skin feeling clean, light, and refreshed. It is deeper-reaching in its action, and ideal for congestion and break-out prone skin.

    French Rose Clay with rhassoul, a mineral-rich clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, is a gentle, exfoliating, refining and polishing treatment appropriate for all skin. It is more topical in action.

  • What is the difference between the Oil Serums?

    Each of our Oil Serums play an essential role in providing complete nourishment for the skin. In combination with one of our Facial Tonic HydroSouls, the skin doesn’t need anything else. Our unique ‘oil and water’ combination cleanses, tones, hydrates and protects all skin regardless of condition. And while each Serum ‘targets’ a particular skin condition, it is also true that each Serum will provide all the ‘essential basics’ that the skin requires to remain healthy and balanced.

    Choosing the right Serum is not an ‘either/or’ situation. All of our Serums – regardless of your current skin condition – will leave your skin in a healthy, balanced state.

    Rosehip Balancing Serum (Formerly: Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum - Rose) combines sweet, rosy-leaf geranium and earthy, vitalizing carrot seed to balance diverse skin conditions, in particular those with oily/dry combination skin.

    Rosehip Calming Serum (Formerly: Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum - Blue) features calming and soothing essential oils of blue chamomile, immortelle, and lavender to enhance the regenerative effects of rosehip seed oil. Can be used for all skin conditions, particularly those with sensitive skin.

    Argan Intensive Serum is nourishing for most skin that requires light, daily protection. It features silky nutritious argan oil exclusively produced from by the small, self-governed Berber Women’s Cooperatives of Morocco. Precious essential oils of jasmine, sandalwood, and sacred frankincense from Oman add to an exotic treatment.

    Pomegranate Vitality Serum (Formerly: Pomegranate Repair Serum) is a deeply nourishing daily treatment for delicate, damaged and/or dehydrated, congested, and blemished skin. Features an exceptional combination of fruit, seed, and berry oils known for their affinity with the skin’s natural balance of oil and water, without the addition of essential oils.

    Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion is an excellent option for purifying congested, blemished, and troubled skin. Suitable for many other skin conditions, this formula is a unique combination of the infusion of whole plant immortelle with organic olive oil, combined with immortelle essential oil, and neem-cured organic sesame oil.

    Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir is a wonderful choice for skin that is both incredibly reactive and incredibly dry. Centered around Moroccan prickly pear seed and blue tansy oils, it is a cooling, nourishing, antioxidant-rich oasis for parched, sensitive skin.

    Blemish Purifying Serum is an effective spot treatment for impure skin. Helps to purify blemishes without irritating sensitive skin.

    Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil is a remarkably light-weight oil that penetrates skin rapidly, and in the world of aromatherapy is actually considered a ‘dry’ oil because of the completeness with which it absorbs. Its unique profile of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids make it a profoundly nourishing feast for the skin.

    Sandalwood Serenity Serum is a creamy cocoon of a serum that creates harmonious calm and extraordinary quiet in the skin.

    Sanctuary Nectar Serum is a topical multi-omega, multivitamin, multi-nutrient for skin. Luxurious and rich, this antioxidant complex draws upon our favorite skin-loving oils from around the world to provide profound moisture, radiance, and barrier support.

    Rose Trinity Beauty Elixir (Formerly: Replenishing Rose Drops) is our love song to the Rose. Featuring three forms of the rose, this serum is restorative, smoothing, beautifying, barrier supporting/restoring. It is a highly concentrated, yet wildly gentle, triple rose potion.

    Amazigh Argan Oil is a dream for all skin and all ages. Dry, oily, combo, blemish-prone, mature, sensitive - every skin type can benefit from its gentle nourishment. It cultivates skin that is smooth, dewy, luminous, strong and clear. It’s an exceptional moisturizer, perfectly simple and gentle. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps, softens, smooths, calms and nourishes. *We are no longer pouring the Amazigh Argan Oil by itself. Please click here to view all products featuring our beloved argan oil.

  • How do you use the Oil Serums?

    Always use evanhealy Oil Serum and Facial Tonic HydroSoul together. Here’s how:

    • Start by putting a dime-sized amount of Oil Serum into palm of hand. Add more or less to fit current skin condition.
    • To that, add generous misting of Facial Tonic HydroSoul (start with 5 - 7 sprays) to Oil Serum.
    • Combine the two together between palms of hands.
    • Press the Oil Serum and Facial Tonic HydroSoul into clean face, evenly distributing between cheeks and forehead/chin areas.
    • Finish with misting of Facial Tonic HydroSoul (optional).

    Many find the rich combination of our nourishing Oil Serums layered with our hydrating plant HydroSouls serves very well as a daily moisturizer.

  • What's the difference between a HydroSoul and a regular rose water or facial tonic? Can it be used as a toner?

    Our HydroSouls are organic plant waters, also referred to as a facial tonic, and can be used as a toner. Rose water is a generic term that can refer to both a true rose hydrosol, but also to water with “rose essence” and a dispersant added to it. To learn more about what a HydroSoul is and is not, along with how they are made, please read our Truth Seeker’s Guide to HydroSouls.

  • Can you use serums on their own? Do I have to use a hydrosol?

    Using an oil serum on its own will not harm your skin. The reason we encourage the use of Serum + HydroSoul is because the mixture of water and oil penetrates more deeply, and mimics the natural environment of the skin. Adding a HydroSoul significantly enhances the efficacy of the oil serum, and works in synergy with the oil to re-create the skin’s protective hydro-lipid barrier.

  • Can I use two serums at once?

    It’s not necessary, but yes, our Oil Serums can be paired up.

  • How do you recommend layering the products?

    After cleansing, an easy tip is to layer thinnest to thickest. A simple daily routine might be cleanse, hydrosol, oil serum, and day moisturizer. If you’re incorporating Sea Algae Serum, you would generally layer it after cleansing but before moisturizing, however some people like to use it later because they find it works as a primer for sunscreen and makeup.

    In short, there’s not a wrong way to layer the products. You can even add your Oil Serum, HydroSoul, Shea Butter, and Sea Algae Serum into you hand all at once, blend together and apply. Our products are very adaptable and dynamic.

  • What is the difference between the Whipped Shea Butters?

    The difference between our Whipped Shea butters is subtle. They are all appropriate for all skin conditions, particularly skin that is dry, sensitive, troubled, irritated and over-processed.

    Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf contains a larger variety of herbal infusions including olive leaf, nettle, comfrey, self heal, and calendula infused in olive oil, along with vanilla-infused jojoba oil, which makes it smell like vanilla frosting. It is generally our first choice for very dry, sensitive reactive skin in need of nurturing, calming, and restoration.

    Whipped Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter contains only a couple of the herbal infusions -- calendula, olive leaf, and vanilla -- and has the addition of Evan’s aged patchouli essential oil, a cooling, grounding essential oil that has a wonderful ability to help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Sanctuary Butter with Frankincense is a rich and creamy butter to nourish, soften, revitalize and deliver the deepest moisture. To craft this luscious facial butter, we whip our beloved Kperisi Village Shea Butter with our nutrient-dense Sanctuary Complex of oils, and the restorative and potent addition of our handcrafted frankincense resin infused jojoba oil.

  • I'm very interested in oil cleansing, do you have any oil cleansers?

    We currently have a few items that you can use for oil cleansing. The items are: Nourishing Cleansing Oil, Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion, any of our Body Oils and Whipped Shea Butters. We have discontinued our Coconut Cream Cleanser.

  • How do the masks exfoliate? Do I have to do anything other than let the mask dry and rinse it off?

    Clay masks exfoliate on their own in a very gentle, non-invasive way. Clays are negatively charged and attract positively charged particles -- things like toxins, and dead cells, etc. They are able to differentiate dead skin cells from living ones and absorb all dead skin cells, as well as drawing out any other impurities. This is a really unique type of exfoliation because many other non-abrasive exfoliants slough away both living and dead cells, as well as disrupt the protective acid mantle the skin creates for itself. By using clay mask as an exfoliator we're able to experience the benefits of exfoliation, without disrupting the epidermal layer.

  • The clay is a different color from the last one I bought. Is this normal?

    When using truly natural ingredients, there can be a lot of variation year after year. Sometimes plants + minerals have markedly different scents or color from one season to the next. Since clay is harvested from the earth and not grown, it's not so much that it varies as a result of the seasons, but rather where exactly it is harvested - even if it's coming from the same supplier. It's completely normal and you should still experience the same results.

  • Why does my Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir change color?

    Your Blue Cactus products could be changing colors for a few reasons. One is light exposure. The blue tansy is sensitive to light and prolonged exposure adds to the oxidation of that ingredient and alters its appearance. It is still safe to use. It also appears to 'fade' simply based off the volume of oil in the bottle. The less oil is in the bottle the paler blue the serum appears. To avoid oxidation, use your Blue Cactus within 6 months of opening, and store in a cool dark place.

  • Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

    Yes, in our experience, all our products are perfectly safe during pregnancy.

    If you wish to be extra cautious you might refrain from using the Blemish Treatment Serum, which has a higher concentration of essential oils than our other products.

    Our Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf is exceptional in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

Quality + Purity

  • Who certifies your products Organic?

    Oregon Tilth certifies most of our key products as organic. Over the past 40 years, Oregon Tilth has led the way in organic agriculture and sustainable production methods, playing a leading role in the formation of a federal USDA National Organic Program and expanding organic sustainability beyond agriculture. Our work with Oregon Tilth ensures the organic integrity of our products.

    Our Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm and Whipped Shea For Lips are certified organic by Quality Assurance International.

  • When is the sell-by date for my product?

    All of our products, excluding clay masks, are best used within 6 months of opening. Our clay masks products are good for 24 months after opening. If stored away from heat and light, they will maintain their freshness and vitality. We make our products fresh by hand every few weeks. Each batch is numbered and dated of when it was processed. To find out the specific date of expiration for your product, please call our customer service at 1-888-335-0190 or email [email protected] and reference the LOT number found on your product.

  • Are all carrier oils used in your products unprocessed, unrefined, and cold-pressed?

    Yes - we maintain the same standards of quality for all our carrier oils.

  • Do you use any synthetic fragrances in your products?

    All fragrances in our products are from steam-distilled, therapeutic grade essential oils.

  • Are all your HydroSouls made the same? Steam-distilled in alembic copper?

    All of our HydroSouls are low-temperature steam distilled using Alembic Copper Stills with the exception of Frankincense. These plants are difficult to grow in large numbers in Washington, where our core distilling is done.

  • My product’s color/scent is different from the last time I purchased it. Is something wrong?

    Because we use whole plants, our products can vary in scent and color from batch to batch. This is simply a sign of authentic, unadulterated plant material.

  • Is your argan oil unrefined, unprocessed, and cold-pressed?

    Yes. Our argan oil is sourced from the Al Amal Women's Co-Op in southern Morocco, where it is hand-harvested, hand-cracked, and hand-pressed. You can read more about the process on our blog post about Evan’s journey to meet the women of the Al Amal Women’s Co-operative, where we source the argan oil we use in our products.

  • Are your products cruelty-free?

    All evanhealy products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. We never test on animals during any stage of our product development or production — only on willing and eager humans! Nearly all of our our products are vegan friendly, with the exception of products that contain sustainably sourced certified organic beeswax, such as our Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm, Whipped Shea Butter for Lips, and Sanctuary Nectar Balm. Our Clay Mask Fan Brush also uses which cruelty-free boar hair.

  • Why don't you use a dark or amber colored glass bottle for your products to protect them from sunlight?

    We package our Oil Serums and other products in clear glass rather than opaque glass for the very reason that it offers the ability to actually see the color and quality of the Oils, Hydrosols, or any of our products. Literally transparent. While opaque bottles may keep out light, they also hide the presence of bacteria in hydrosols (it’s really important to be able to see your hydrosol), and hide the dullness of processed oils.

    Additionally, to experience optimal results, daily use of the products is key. If you are using the product on a daily basis they will be finished well before they are impacted by light exposure.

  • How do you evaluate your products for purity and sustainability?

    We do not use genetically modified ingredients or parabens in our products. Our products do not contain gluten, with the exception of our Lavendar Argan Light Moisturizer (Formerly: Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid) which contains oat. Our products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and are not tested on animals. Most are vegan with the exception of products that contain certified organic beeswax, like our Lip Balm and Eye Balm, and our Clay Mask Brush. Many of our products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth and the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. We strive to use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Many products are self-preserving and do not require preservatives. We use sustainable practices including eco-friendly packaging. We work with family farms, tribal villages and self-governed women's cooperatives.


Skin Related

  • Which of your products do you recommend for dark/brown spots?

    Both our Rosehip Treatment Serums (Rosehip Balancing Serum or Rosehip Calming Serum), and our Pomegranate Vitality Serum are excellent choices for skin, especially when paired with a HydroSoul.

  • How long will it take for my skin to improve?

    The answer differs for everyone. While most individuals notice immediate improvement, for some it may take 6 to 8 weeks.

    What we put into our body is as important as what we put on it. If your skin takes longer than 6 - 8 weeks to improve, then we suggest consulting with a Nutritionist or Natural Practitioner to address other issues such as diet, digestion, stress and environmental factors that may be causing your skin issues.

  • My skin has been looking worse, why is that?

    Switching to a simple, holistic, plant-based skin care routine may result in the releasing or ‘purging’ of accumulated impurities. This process is natural and temporary. Allow your skin to release built-up synthetics, preservatives and toxins. How long this takes depends on your individual situation – your health, diet, digestion, stress and prior skin care choices.

  • What should I use at night?

    Nighttime is when the skin regenerates and detoxifies, and because of this it is important to be light-handed with your product application at this time. It’s important to avoid waxes, emulsifiers and more complicated formulations at night, which is why we suggest, after cleansing, to stick to a simple routine of Oil Serum and HydroSoul only. If you need a bit more moisture than Oil + HydroSoul alone provides, Whipped Shea Butter is the best choice for night care.

  • What should I use for wrinkles?

    Follow one of our daily treatment rituals (according to your individual skin condition) – Balancing, Calming, or Purifying. Each treatment ritual includes the basics for healthy, vibrant, toned skin: gentle cleanser, nourishing serum and hydrosol combination, moisturizer, and a deep pore-cleansing clay mask.

    You may adjust or add the following to the daily treatment protocol:

  • How can I exfoliate skin?

    Acid peels dissolve the epidermal layer and weaken the skin’s ability to defend itself. Our approach to skin health is one of longevity. This means we only work with ingredients that support the long-term health of the skin, rather than simply focusing on instant-gratification as acids and other aggressive exfoliation techniques do.

    Our first choice for exfoliation is Clay. Clay is a healthy alternative to exfoliating the skin with acids. Clay maintains and respects the integrity of the skin by not disrupting the skin's hydro-lipid barrier. It purifies, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces excess oil – all while leaving the skin softer, smoother, and ultimately healthier. Choose either French Rose Clay or Green Tea Clay.