Our Hydrosol Distillers
Jud & Anne

This is a story of serendipity of how one family’s passion for the land and plants met our pursuit for the 4,000 year old tradition of hydrosol distillation. And how we partnered to revive the family farm tradition along the Columbia River Valley in Northeastern Washington. Nothing of what we have learned, accomplished, and ultimately are sharing with you about the transformative healing journey of hydrosols would have been possible without the support, dedication, and friendship of Anne and Jud Carleton.

Stewards of the soil

Farming allows us to look at something bigger than ourselves. There's a regularness to it; a life of its own. As you partner with nature, there's a completeness. It's so important that we appreciate the ground that we have. It's from where we came. It's what helped create culture and society and ultimately cultivated our human relationship with the rest of the natural world. Building soil has helped us revive a community of farmers and distillers. It’s gratifying to see how our children have grown up and followed in our footsteps, much like I took inspiration from my father and grandfather.

Local Impact

Ingredient: Hydrosols

Place: Columbia River Valley, WA

Community: 9+ family farms

Acres cultivated: 200+ | No. of crops: 8

Yield: 8 lbs of plant material in every gallon

Ancient Alchemy


These beautiful alembic copper stills look like temples, and in some ways they are. Sacred places where divinity dwells, emanating grace. Here the spirits of the plant are transformed into matter through the mysterious alchemy of the elements we call distillation. This fluid ‘plant-milk’ embodies the soul of the plant, symbolizing a transformation of spirit (ether) into matter (water). Aromatic molecules are part of the plant’s immune system and a hydrosol represents the watery aspect of this complex, intelligent system. 

Made with hydrosol

  • Our Guide to HydroSoul Distillation

    A definitive guide to HydroSouls. Here we discuss the process of creating hydrosols, their history, their vast benefits, and why they are one of the most transformative and important plant ingredients for skin. A must read.

  • Oil & Water Ritual

    The acid mantle is the skin’s protective barrier against disease. This living layer - a thin coating of lipids (oil) and perspiration (water) - must be intact for the skin to maintain balance. When its delicate pH is disrupted, the skin’s ability to protect is weakened. Rhythmic pressing of remarkable plant hydrosols together with silky oil serums into your skin helps it to self-regulate.

  • Douglas Fir HydroSoul Distillation

    This ancient tree carries the whole history and mystery of Mother Nature. Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), a species indigenous to western North America, thrives. It grows easily, straight and tall and its roots anchor it to the earth as its branches reach towards the heavens.