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Lipstick Angels

Sanctuary is a small collection of products developed with the intention to help create sanctuary in the world, while simultaneously creating sanctuary for the skin. $1 from each bottle of our Sanctuary Collection goes to non-profit organizations that support human rights and environmental justice, with a new organization as the recipient every month.
Sanctuary Collection

Lipstick Angels

Lipstick Angels is a nonprofit organization that provides clean-beauty and wellness programs that aim to restore the dignity, hope, and self-esteem to cancer patients by offering complimentary, personalized, and oncology-sensitive beauty and skin care services in hospitals at patients’ bedsides or while they are receiving treatment Administered by professional make-up artists and estheticians, Lipstick Angels programs support those diagnosed with cancer and other chronic illness through restorative and nurturing services that allow hospitals to offer a holistic experience to their patients by catering to the physical and emotional side effects of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other chronic illnesses. Through human touch, compassion and care, we create an intimate environment that fosters kindness and connection; contributing to recovery and nourishing the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

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If you’re able, we invite you to join us in contributing direct donations through their website.

Sanctuary Collection

Sanctuary for the world. Sanctuary for the skin.
Community in a bottle.

Sanctuary for the skin. Gentle, deep, therapeutic nourishment from the most nutrient-rich & skin supportive plants on the planet. Formulated as a feast for the skin, and created to provide a calming shroud of comfort and peace for all skin.

Community in a bottle. Honoring Community. We mean this in two ways: First, acknowledging our global partners in creating sanctuary: the community of our ingredient supplier & stewards around the world who make these products possible. And second, acknowledging the community of plants with all their beautiful nutrient density and diversity that make these products so remarkable. Diverse communities of people and plants enrich the world, and cultivate vibrant health.

Funds back to the greater global community. Proceeds gathered from the sales of our Sanctuary Collection will be donated to non-profit organizations that promote sanctuary in all its multifaceted forms. The current monthly organization will always be stated on this page. You can also visit Our Mission to learn more.