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    Sea Algae Serum

    Ideal for mature, dehydrated & devitalized skin

    Sea Algae Serum

    Ideal for mature, dehydrated & devitalized skin

    • About our Sea Algae Serum

      Formulated with fresh raspberry leaf extract, known for firming the appearance of skin, and hyaluronic acid, which holds moisture. Seaweed, algae, sea buckthorn berry oil, and gotu kola combine to visibly firm, nourish, and tonify the skin. 

      Described by one customer as: "deep yoga for skin", our Sea Algae Serum visibly transforms the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines into silky, smooth, radiant skin. Used consistently it helps soften the look of skin.

      Bio-fermented kelp, derived by fermentation using lactobacillus, and algae (from US Atlantic waters only) deeply nourish and refresh skin.

      • Silky and sheer antioxidant treatment
      • Fresh botanical extracts and energizing plant oils visibly enhance skin
      • Sea buckthorn oil, seaweed, algae, hyaluronic acid and CO Q-10 combine with gotu kola and natural liposomes to tone and beautify skin
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    Sea Algae Serum

    Sea Algae Serum is ideal for mature, dehydrated & devitalized skin