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    Amazigh Argan Oil

    Ideal for dry, reactive, rough-textured & balanced skin

    Amazigh Argan Oil

    Ideal for dry, reactive, rough-textured & balanced skin

    • About our Amazigh Argan Oil

      Known throughout the rest of the world as the Berber people, the indigenous people of North Africa self-identify as Amazigh, which translates to 'free people'. The name Berber was given to them by the Greeks and roughly translates to 'foreigners.' To honor the Amazigh, the stewards of the argan tree, we have changed the name of our pure argan oil from Al Amal Co-operative Argan Oil to Amazigh Argan Oil. It is still sourced exclusively from the Al Amal women's co-operative, and the name change only reflects our desire to honor the Amazigh people as a whole. Argan oil is a dream for all skin and all ages. Dry, oily, combo, blemish-prone, mature, sensitive - every skin type can benefit from its gentle nourishment. It cultivates skin that is smooth, dewy, luminous, strong and clear. It’s an exceptional moisturizer, perfectly simple and gentle. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps, softens, smoothes, calms and nourishes.

      While we believe that it is the wisdom held within the whole plant that provides complete health, and that the true power of a plant cannot be reduced to the components its comprised of, we acknowledge that Argan oil contains a multitude of compounds known to support healthy and beautiful skin. Among many other powerful co-factors and constituents contained within Argan oil, the following are found in great abundance.

      • Vitamin E ~ Argan contains various forms of tocopherol (vitamin e) and is highest in gamma-tocopherol. This fat soluble vitamin is a powerful antioxidant - smoothes, softens, tones and beautifies.
      • Sterols ~ Support the skin’s protective barrier and encourages healthy elasticity.
      • Squalene ~ Deeply softening, sublime skin moisturizer, antioxidant.
      • Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) ~Argan is especially high in Linoleic (omega 6) and Oleic (omega 9) fatty acids — both essential for proper skin hydration and ideal for supporting the natural barrier function of the skin.
      • Pure Argan Oil, traditionally hand-cracked and hand-pressed by the Al Amal Berber Women's Cooperative in southern Morocco
      • Rich in Vitamin E, Sterols, Squalene, and Essential Fatty Acids - a divine combination for supporting radiant, dewy, healthy and strong skin.
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    Amazigh Argan Oil

    Amazigh Argan Oil is ideal for dry, reactive, rough-textured & balanced skin