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    Immortelle HydroSoul

    Ideal for sensitive & blemish-prone skin

    Immortelle HydroSoul

    Ideal for sensitive & blemish-prone skin

    • About our Immortelle hydrosol

      Immortelle is covered in bright yellow, daisy-like flowers that retain their color and shape, therefore it's also known as 'Everlasting'. Immortelle's botanical name is Helichrysum italicum, which comes from the Greek word helios (sun) and chyrsos (gold) because the yellow blooms look like tiny golden suns. Immortelle grows wild in the south of France, Italy and other Mediterranean countries.

      Immortelle Facial Tonic Hydrosol appears to clear systemic heat in the body and face. An effective hydrosol for skin recovering from acid or dermabrasion treatments.

      Consistent use of Immortelle Hydrosol, applied together with our Oil Serums or Pomegranate will help minimize appearance of old scars and assist in the renewal of the skin. A visibly improved skin condition soft, smooth and refreshed appears in about six weeks of daily use of our Oil Serums with Immortelle HydroSoul.

      • Soothes and cools redness while offering much-needed hydration to dry, sensitive skin
      • A buttery fragrance with a subtle spicy warmth and smokey, maple syrup-like sweetness
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    Immortelle hydrosol

    Immortelle hydrosol is ideal for sensitive & blemish-prone skin

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