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    Sandalwood Serenity Serum
    Sandalwood Serenity Serum
    • About our Sandalwood Serenity Serum

      Sandalwood Serenity is a creamy cocoon of a serum that creates harmonious calm and extraordinary quiet in the skin.

      The star of this oil serum is the rare and remarkable, Co2-extracted, lipid-rich oil from the seeds of the sandalwood tree. Sandalwood seed oil contains a very special and unique lipid — ximenynic acid — that is known to exhibit profound heat pacifying activity, making it the perfect ally for fiery, sensitive and reactive skin.

      We blend this sustainably sourced Australian sandalwood seed oil with our beloved nutrient-rich Al Amal Co-operative argan oil, a little vanilla-infused Arizona-grown jojoba oil, and a divine sandalwood essential oil that we source from a family-run reforestation project based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

      Sandalwood and argan work in synergy to soothe, soften, beautify, comfort and rejuvenate all skin.

      • Ideal for sensitive, reactive, and dry skin in need of soothing comfort
      • Sandalwood seed oil, Al Amal Cooperative argan oil, and vanilla infused jojoba
      • Rich in ximenynic acid -- a rare, soothing and heat pacifying fatty acid
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    Sandalwood Serenity Serum