Winter is a time for restoration.

The abundance of night that winter offers is an invitation to slow down, sleep, dream, and repair. It is an ideal time to create space in our lives for stillness and rest. Winter skin reflects this state of stillness and asks for similar care — Simplicity. Rest. Deep Nourishment.

Rose Centred Rituals

The rose is a symbol of love, but it also is a powerful skincare ally. It introduces a petal-like quality the skin, creating skin that is plump, soft and dewy. Hydrating, beautifying and barrier supporting — all skin benefits from the profound therapy of roses.

Rituals available through Feb 7.


We're inspired by the wisdom of nature.

Our line of holistic and organic skin care products is inspired by the wisdom of nature, formulated to support the rhythms of the body, and created to transform the modern perception of beauty. Read more

Our approach to skin care starts with oil & water.

It’s the most important thing you can do for your skin: Combine any of our hydrosols and silky oil serums and press onto your skin for maximum hydration, and to help restore the protective hydro-lipid balance of your skin.

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Winter Skin Care Ritual

A collection of some of our most nurturing and moisturizing winter skin care products. Ancient frankincense resin delicately woven with warm, chocolatey patchouli. Empower your skin to thrive during the coldest, darkest & most drying days.

Specially priced for a limited time.

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Beyond Purity

Organic Certification

We view ‘purity’ as the starting point. Our products undergo rigorous demands throughout our manufacturing process – from the soil conditions our ingredients are grown in, to our facility in Carlsbad, California.

What does it mean?

USDA Organic certification means every aspect of our manufacturing is inspected annually. Other brands may use certified organic ingredients, but this is quite different from the demanding process of having the actual products certified. Look for this official logo when you shop organic.

USDA Organic certification means every aspect of our manufacturing is inspected annually.

Oregon Tilth is the leading organic certifier in the United States. The certification prohibits the use of GMOs, antibiotics, herbicides, toxic chemicals and more. Tracing every single ingredient that goes into our products from start to finish is integral to our organic promise.

Oregon Tilth is the leading organic certifier in the United States.

Our Promise
No parabens
No parabens
No sulfates
or silicone
No sulfates or silicone
No animal
No animal testing
No artificial
No artificial fragrances
kperisi village ghana africa wild harvested slow roasted organic shea nuts in palm of hand used for evanhealy whipped shea butter

We partner with family farms, women’s co-ops, & tribal villages.

Our ingredients are sourced with above fair trade practices from small family farms across America and Europe, and women’s co-operatives, and co-operative villages in Africa. Read more

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