Our Rosehip Stewards
Raul, Pablo, Soledad & Mauricio

As a proud Chilean, Raul has long invested in championing Chile’s precious wild rosehip to the world. His team, led by Pablo, Soledad and Mauricio along with seasonal collecting crews, steward the hundreds of thousands of acres of farms and ranches in Patagonia where rosehip grows wild. It’s a labor-intensive process that requires a personal commitment to local communities, fostered over a lifetime.

Wild Harvested


The collectors wear thick, heavy protective armor along with gloves and heavy-duty work boots for protection from the treacherous thorns of the Rosa canina — or Dog Rose, named as such because of the small but vicious thorns that will snag you like dog teeth if you’re not careful. They use small hand-rakes to remove the ripe hips from the tenacious, scraggly rose plants. No damage is caused by the raking, and the hearty hips stay firm and plump and continue to ripen and become even more vibrant after harvest.

Local Impact

Ingredient: Rosehip Seed Oil

Place: Patagonia, Chile

Community: 25 farms and ranches. Fair wages to collectors. Contribution of 1,000 trees through the initiative “Reforestemos la Patagonia”. 

Yield: Only 3% of the rosehip seed is oil. That means 100 kilos of rosehip seed yields only 3 kilos of oil.

Planet: Applies clean and residue-free processes that prioritize the use of raw material by-products from other agro-industries reducing industrial waste.

Direct Relationships


Most rosehip seed oil producers in Chile have no connection to the land, harvest or processing of their raw materials. They simply purchase the already-processed seed from one of the few, large corporations that dominate the Chilean rosehip industry.

On the other hand Granasur is involved in every step of the process. They visit the fields, work with the collectors, dry and process the seeds, and cold-press the oil from the seeds just prior to delivering it to us.

Third from the left: Soledad, the plant manager with Evan and David.

Made with rosehip

Rosehip and skin

Omega 6+3: Essential fatty acids support barrier function.

Phytosterols: Plant sterols support the protective lipid barrier.

Trans-retinoic acid: Pro-vitamin A supports mature and blemished skin. 

Lycopene: Pacifies heat, harmonizes skin.

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