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    Douglas Fir HydroSoul

    Ideal for dull, devitalized, sensitive & congested skin

    Douglas Fir HydroSoul

    Ideal for dull, devitalized, sensitive & congested skin

    • About our Douglas Fir hydrosol

      Earth Resin. Like the sweetest sap. This HydroSoul is mesmerizing.

      Rich, pure and sweet, with an immense depth and complexity, Douglas Fir is truly unique and utterly enchanting. It encourages deep breathing, clears and centers the mind, and nourishes the spirit.

      • expansive
      • meditative
      • empowering
      • centering
      • uplifting
      • calming
      • anchoring

      This ancient tree carries the whole history and mystery of Mother Nature. It moves stagnancy, nourishes, strengthens, and tones. Its sweetness is reminiscent of lemons and butterscotch, but it is, at the same time, resinous and earthy.

      Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii,), a species indigenous to western North America, thrives. It grows easily, straight and tall and its roots anchor it to the earth as it reaches it branches up towards the heavens. As a species, Douglas fir is easily 20 million years old. But this ancient tree is a true gift to us all in the modern world. It provides us with what we need, and helps our bodies, minds and spirits find their unique balance. It is thought by many herbalists that those plants who thrive in our modern high-tech, high-industry world are those that provide us with the most defenses for living in it. (Think dandelion, red clover, ginkgo, etc.) This is a tree that truly thrives and I take this as a sign of its suitability for our human bodies in the modern world.

      • Deep Forest in a Bottle
      • Protective, calming, purifying, uplifting, centering
      • Sweetly resinous, with notes of lemon and butterscotch
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    Douglas Fir hydrosol

    Douglas Fir hydrosol is ideal for dull, devitalized, sensitive & congested skin