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    Sandalwood Perfume

    Sacred woods with warm creamy notes of smoke

    Sandalwood Perfume

    Sacred woods with warm creamy notes of smoke

    • About our Sandalwood Perfume

      Har har naam seetal jal dhiyavahu har chandan vaas sugandh gandhayeeyaa — Meditate on the cool water of the God's Name. Perfume yourself with the fragrant scent of God, the sandalwood tree (Sri Guru Granth Sahib - 833)

      Is there any plant more revered and sanctified than Sandalwood? Each culture that has come in contact with this sweet wood has deemed it one of the holiest of holies.

      Sandalwood awakens the soul and nourishes the spirit. Its mesmerizing scent of creamy caramelized woods - and its profound ability to unify, ground and elevate has captivated humans for thousands of years. It seems to summon, or perhaps simply awaken us to, Divine Presence. From birth and burial rituals, to the building of temples and the carving of deity statues, Sandalwood is known to thin the veils between this world and the next.

      Sandalwood unifies body, mind and soul and diffuses the aromatic aura of Divinity.

      This sustainable sandalwood comes from a family-run reforestation project on the Big Island of Hawaii. It can be found in our Rosehip Treatment Serum - Rose, Argan Intensive Facial Serum, and Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir. It’s watery counterpart is our Hawaiian Sandalwood Facial Tonic HydroSoul.

      • Sacred woods with warm creamy notes of smoke
      • Organic Hawaiian Sandalwood in organic Arizona-grown jojoba oil.
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    Sandalwood Perfume

    Sandalwood Perfume is sacred woods with warm creamy notes of smoke