A silky cream cleanse

Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk

Handmade with cooling and soothing blue chamomile and lavender, antioxidant-rich gotu kola and purifying white kaolin clay. Ideal for sensitive, reactive, dry & troubled skin.

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Pure plant water hydration

Lavender HydroSoul

Artisan distilled in alembic copper stills, this cooling, calming and pacifying plant water is restorative and refreshing not just for your skin but for your emotions as well. Lavender is ideal for skin that is sensitive, reactive, dry, troubled, scarred, blemished and sun damaged.

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A cooling desert canopy

Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir

An ethereal blend of desert prickly pear, blue tansy and jojoba. Lightweight, and deeply quenching. Its cooling, soothing and sweet, nature is perfect for all fiery skin exacerbated by the summer heat.

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Oceanic yoga for the skin

Sea Algae Serum

A beautiful feast of antioxidants. Rich with humectant moisturizers of plant-based hyaluronic acid, bio-fermented kelp, bladderwrack and microalgae. This ocean potion infuses a complex diversity of transformative nutrients into the skin.

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An orchard of rejuvenation

Sweet Blossom Body Oil

Bright and citrusy orange flower, fruit & leaf weave into an antioxidant-rich & nourishing blend of sesame, jojoba, pomegranate, and calendula infused olive oil.

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Silky replenishment

Lavender Argan Light Moisturizer

Light, hydrating, deeply moisturizing & nutritious. An antioxidant-rich synergy of Columbia River Valley copper-distilled Lavender HydroSoul, Kperisi Village shea butter, Al Amal Co-Operative argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, tamanu & energizing flower essences.

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