Our Plumeria Distiller

On our regenerative journey for precious plumeria hydrosol we met the incredible grower and distiller, Fernanda Carvalho. She is doing something very different on her little slice of tropical paradise. Inspired by Ernst Götsch, a Swiss farmer and researcher who advocates for an ancient system of climate and biodiversity-friendly sustainable farming techniques — she’s planted a garden like you’ve never seen. 

Life in syntropy

On a zoom call we were transported to her small farm in the west maui mountains. Midway through our conversation she jumped up and exclaimed, “let me show you my garden!” It felt like we were there with her, breathing in the healing energy. It was more like a natural landscape brimming with flowers and bees. She created this paradise through what she calls "Agro-floristry" and Syntropic farming methods, akin to agroforestry. By planting diverse flowers and herbs in proximity and synergy with each other, she is building the most healthy soil you can imagine.

Beyond her garden, she works directly with neighboring ancestral farmers native to Maui. From this land where it has grown for millenia, she is able to harvest and distill plumeria.

Wild Harvest

At the height of the full moon, Fernanda gathers blossoms ensuring they are at the peak of their potency. Her rich and organic plumeria hydrosol is brimming with vitality and high vibration. The careful attention to the ebb and flow of the natural world is the key to the magic that finds its way into every drop. The plumeria flower, also known as Frangipani, holds great significance in Hawaiian culture, as a symbol of beauty, love, spirituality, renewal, healing, and connection to the land. The sweetly scented, vibrant petals of plumeria evoke divine light and abundant love. It relaxes the nerves and muscles and holds aphrodisiac qualities.

Plumeria and skin

On the skin, plumeria boasts various therapeutic, astringent and purifying properties. The glycosides in frangipani help to hydrate and absorb vital nutrients. Glycosides are unique to plumeria which sets it apart as a truly special botanical treasure.

Phytosterols: Plant sterols support the protective lipid barrier.

Glycosides: aids in absorption of vital nutrients into skin, keeps skin supple and toned

Lignin: An organic polymer that aids in suppleness and firmness.

Made with plumeria