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    Teen, Blemished, Oily & Combination Skin


    While things have begun to shift over the last several years, there is still fear around the idea of using oil on oily skin. This fear centers around two thoughts; that putting oil on already-oily skin makes the skin more oily, and that oil clogs pores. Both of these things are myths based on skewed information.

    Fats are essential for human health. Sixty percent of the human brain is made up of DHA, (docosahexaenoic acid) an omega-3 fat found in fatty fish, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and algae. Culturally, the modern western world has a deep fear of fat and oil, but our human ancestors knew that few things are as important. Lipids bathe our every cell and nerve endings. Consuming healthy fats in our diet are paramount to reaching optimal health since pure dietary fats feed the brain, help create, regulate, and nourish hormones. They deliver nutrients, protect cells and nourish skin from the inside out. In Sanskrit the word snehana means both oil and love and knowing the incredible but gentle power they have over our bodies, it’s easy to see why.

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    The key to
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    harmony is in
    choosing the
    right oils.

    All skin requires oil. Pure, unrefined, high quality oils are absolute essential for skin health. Topically, using oil is one of the two most important things you could put on your skin.

    The myth that oil is bad for the skin likely comes from the fact that conventional mainstream beauty uses synthetic ingredients like petroleum and mineral oil, isopropyl myristate, synthetic dyes, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are all recognized as nutritionally devoid, and ecologically unsustainable.

    There is no comparison between a mineral oil, and a whole, cold-pressed organic plant oil. Whole unrefined plant oils transform skin with their gentle and profound nourishment. Our human ancestors have used them to beautify, revitalize, moisturize, nourish and rejuvenate the skin for thousands of years.

    Still, when it comes to skin health, oils are only half of the equation. For ideal results, oils should always be paired with plant waters. This is because it is both oils and waters that make up the very top layer of the skin — known as the acid mantle or hydrolipid barrier. And it is the balance between the two that keeps skin properly hydrated, moisturized, protected, resilient, and peaceful.

    The water component of hydration/moisture is often missing. In Evan’s years of practice she identified that most skin is dehydrated. Even people with blemished, teen and oily skin can exhibit signs of dehydration. True hydration of the skin and the body is often the missing link for many people. So while oil is essentially important, it’s only half of the equation. If your skin struggles to find its oil balance, adding any one of our HydroSouls is the solution. your best ally. Read on to learn our best tips for caring for oily and combination skin.

    Caring for Teen,
    Blemished, Oily +
    Combination Skin

    The skin is always in a state of homeostatis. Skin can become more oily when it senses that the natural oils have been striped from the surface usually from harsh cleansers. The more you attempt to remove, or strip the oil imbalance, the faster the skin works to reestablish its balance. Harsh cleansers, and oil-free products are not the answer and will only exacerbate the issue.

    Our recommended routine for all skin is a twice daily application of Oil Serum and HydroSoul, AM and PM. Together they work to hydrate, moisturize, nourish, tone, balance pH, and support the skin’s natural protective hydrolipid barrier. You can learn more about why the combination of why Oil Serums and HydroSouls are so transformative here.

    The key with oily and combination skin is to listen and adapt. Instead of following a set number of pumps of your Oil Serum and HydroSoul, experiment and see what feels like the right balance for your unique skin. Is it one pump of oil, and a generous drenching of HydroSoul? Is it two pumps of oil and light misting of HydroSoul? With teen, blemished, oily and combination skin, less Oil Serum and more HydroSoul work ideally to balance and to minimize sebaceous secretion. We encourage you to try different variations until you see what feels best for your individual skin.

    Also, listen to your skin as the seasons progress, as your emotional state ebbs and flows. You may find that it asks for different amounts of oil and hydrosol at different times. Listen. Adapt.

    If your skin begins to feel oily throughout your day, instead of blotting papers, mist generously with any HydroSoul, and press into skin. This will encourage the skin to balance by re-absorbing the excess sebum.

    Our favorite HydroSouls for balancing teen, blemished, oily and combination skin are our Rose Geranium Facial Tonic HydroSoul, Lavender Facial Tonic HydroSoul, Immortelle Facial Tonic HydroSoul, and our Lemon Thyme Facial Tonic HydroSoul.

    One of our favorite plants for Teen, blemished and oily and combination skin is Rose Geranium, which we use as the star ingredient in our Rose Line. We like to think of Rose Geranium as a dermal adaptogen. This is particularly true of its effect on the sebaceous glands. Rose Geranium doesn’t force the skin into a state of submission by drying out oily skin, or forcing moisture into dry skin. Rather it works to re-educate the sebaceous glands so they normalize their output. If skin has been over-producing oil, rose geranium will teach it to decrease its production. If skin has been under-producing oil, rose geranium will teach it to increase its oil production.. This remarkable, resilient and adaptive plant is a friend to all, and is why our rose line is so ideal for oily, combination, and dry skin.

    Studies have shown that both oily and acne-prone skin are often deficient in linoleic acid (omega 6), a lightweight essential fatty acid. This is one of the reasons why we love our nourishing Rosehip Treatment Serums for these states of skin. Rosehip seed oil contains an abundance of linoleic acid, alongside alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3), and a small amount of oleic acid (omega 9). Our favorite Oil Serum for both oily and combination skin is our Rosehip Treatment Serum - Rose, with its heavenly dose of balancing rose geranium and rose petal essential oils.

    A weekly clay mask is another essential weekly step that greatly benefits all skin. Clay will refine pores and fine lines, provide minerals, absorb excess oil, support lymph flow, purify and enhance luminescence. Choose French Rose Clay for a lighter, softer more gentle and beautifying clay, or choose Green Tea Clay for a deeper reaching, more active, detoxifying and antioxidant rich option.