Certified Organic & Handcrafted

  • We rely on certified organic and wild-crafted plants, mineral-rich clays, and sustainable harvesting practices to create each one of our products. All of our oil serums and hydrosols are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the foremost certifying body in the USA.

  • Each step of our production is done by hand. From the fields and forests where the plants that become our hydrosols, oils, and butters are harvested. To our production facility where we hand-blend our formulas and hand-package each bottle. Maintaining this intimate connection with plants elevates the efficacy and therapeutic benefits they provide. It keeps the profound prana of the plant alive and well, so that by the time the bottle is in your hand, it’s still bursting with vitality. A vitality you can smell, feel and see on the skin.

  • Truth seekers should look for: The USDA certified organic symbol on the front of product packaging. Some companies create their own ‘organic’ logos that look similar to the USDA organic symbol, when in fact such products only contain a portion of organic ingredients.

  • Truth Heals: Organically grown plants are significantly higher in antioxidants and secondary metabolites. Secondary metabolites are compounds in plants, like essential oils, that are created for protection, adaptability, and enhanced survival. Both antioxidants and secondary metabolites play key roles in maintaining healthy luminous skin.

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Whole Essential Oils

  • By choosing whole essential oils instead of aromatic isolates we choose therapy over convenience. We trust in the wisdom of the whole plant. While it might be tempting to use an isolate for its consistency of fragrance or low cost, an isolate is not aromatherapy. It does not confer the dynamic power of the hundreds of complex aromatic molecules that exist within an essential oil.

  • Through whole essential oils we experience the truth of the earth. Each harvest the earth presents a unique offering, always with a slightly different scent-profile than the last. We embrace this truth — these oils reflect the land they come from, and the seasons they’ve experienced.

  • Our essential oils come from a certified organic, European farm co-operative, and select small family distilleries from around the globe.

  • Truth seekers should look for: Whole essential oils are listed as the plant and botanical name. For instance, Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Whereas an aromatic isolate associated with lavender reads: Linalool or Linalyl Acetate. Other common isolates can read: Geraniol, Limonene, Citronellol, or Parfum, which can either be made from isolates or from synthetic artificial fragrances.

  • Truth heals: Whole essential oils provide unparalleled benefit, carrying the complexity and synergy of the whole plant deep into your being. Isolates offer fragrance alone.

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