Enlightened Beauty

  • Truth matters. Truth heals. In these times in which we live, it is becoming more and more important to stand up and commit to Truth. While false promises, manipulation, marketing ploys, and magic bullets run rampant, we need to commit to what heals: compassion, connection, communication, consideration, and accountability. We must allow these to be our guiding lights, and to take care of each other and not just ourselves.

  • Even in the natural products industry, integrity and truth are difficult to find. For many, the driving force is shallow and short-sighted, whether consciously jumping on the bandwagon of the “Green” trend, or simply trying to offer cleaner solutions. The ingredients may change from petrochemicals and parabens to plant stem cells and aromatic isolates, but in the end they’re subscribing to the same approach, philosophies and business model as conventional products.

  • The world of natural skin care still dwells within the same paradigm as the mainstream. It still operates under the dominion of a repressive beauty industry. Likewise, the approach remains the same, utilizing the “Attack Method” — fighting the body, fighting wrinkles, fighting acne, fighting aging. Meanwhile, exclusionary, rigid and unnatural concepts of beauty continue to reign supreme, and unless we deliberately disengage ourselves from the confines of these beauty ideologies, we remain ensnared by them.

  • It’s time for a beauty reform. Time to liberate beauty and make it something that embraces and empowers everyone. It’s time for genuine solutions for skin health and empowering beauty philosophies. It’s time to ensure that skin care not only empowers the user, but also everyone and everything involved along the road to beauty. This happens by cultivating direct relationships with ingredient producers — by working with small, organic family farms, women’s co-operatives, and tribal villages.

  • Though this may sound like a rally call for something new, this is the way we have always conducted our business. Why? Because Truth heals. Sincerity heals. Transparency heals. In a world filled with so much convoluted fluff, we affirm our commitment to truth.

  • Our dedication runs deep. We do not ebb and flow with the pulse of the trends. We root ourselves in the wisdom of the earth and the wisdom of our ancestors, because we are in this for the long run — for both the earth and for our skin.

Who you are is enough

  • We are not separate from the beauty we seek.

  • It is already here, now, in front of us. Pared down to the barest essence is where real beauty lies. Authentic beauty is never perfect, nor elusive, but lies in the cracks and crevices of our lives every minute of the day.

  • Looking in someone’s face is a sacred affair.

  • To be beautiful is a commitment to one’s self. There comes a time when we have to look beyond the mundane, to stop critical thoughts and pinpointing ridiculous details and move towards acceptance.

  • Anti-aging goes against nature.

  • By realigning ourselves with nature and its rhythms, and drawing inspiration from the ways of our ancestors we bring our bodies back into balance and our minds and spirits into a state of reverent peace. Feeling beautiful is something you can do at any age.

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