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Pamper and hydrate your skin with our whipped butters, lush creams, milky emulsions, and creamy balms.

Our Moisturizers are ideal for skin in need of cooling, protective moisture across the face, neck, and decolletage. For deeper moisture

and support of troubled skin, our Whipped Shea Butters, infused with artisan-crafted herbal oils, are your greatest ally. Our Eye Balm nourishes, protects and softens the eye area reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. It can also be used as a luscious face balm to lock in moisture.

  1. Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer - evanhealy
    • For all skin – especially dry, or combination
    • Featuring certified organic, hand pressed Argan oil, and organic Sea Buckthorn Oil
    • Enlivens and balances skin with the nourishing and regenerating essential oils of rose geranium, carrot seed, vetiver and clary sage, and botanical extracts of kelp, horsetail, and green tea
  2. Blue Cactus Beauty Balm
    • For all skin — especially sensitive, fiery, devitalized, troubled, over-processed, dry, mature, and acne-prone
    • The juncture between antioxidant serum, moisturizer, and facial butter
    • With prickly pear, baobab, blue tansy, baobab, and shea butter — a solid version of our Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir
  3. Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil
    • 100% pure wild-harvested, certified organic Chilean rosehip seed oil, and nothing else
    • Gentle care for highly sensitive, devitalized, hyper-pigmented, and scarred skin
    • Rich in EFAs, antioxidants, trans-retinoid acid, and phytosterols
  4. Blue Chamomile Day Moisturizer - evanhealy
    • For all skin – especially sensitive, irritated and/or delicate
    • Nourishes, moisturizes and protects with hand-pressed argan, jojoba, and carrot seed oils, along with Kpersi village shea butter
    • Essential oils of lavender, blue chamomile and carrot seed work to restore vitality, hydration and calmness to irritated, reactive skin
  5. Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf - evanhealy
    • The ultimate protection for sensitive and dry skin.
    • Fresh plant infusions of olive leaf, sweet violet and calendula blossoms in olive oil and Madagascar vanilla in coconut oil, make our Whipped Shea Butter an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vital phyto-nutrients and antioxidants
    • After a few days skin looks noticeably younger, more vital, supple, hydrated and healthier, conditions hair too
  6. Whipped Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter - evanhealy
    • A coconut-oil infusion of vanilla from Madagascar, infused calendula blossoms, and our own aged Indonesian honey-sweet patchouli
    • Use daily for intensive treatment of dry, dehydrated, mature and/or sensitive skin
    • Prepared by hand in small batches. Over a period of four to six hours, nourishing and restorative oils are added to our raw, unrefined shea butter as it gently and continuously whips
  7. Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid - evanhealy
    • A sheer, antioxidant moisturizing treatment for normal, oily or sensitive skin
    • Features organic and sustainable Argan oil from Morocco’s Berber Women’s Co-Operatives, along with Tamanu and Pomegranate Seed Oil
    • Energized with Flower Essences
  8. whipped argan butter - evanhealy

    • For face and body
    • Supports Tribal Villages and Women's Cooperatives
    • Velvety argan oil is whipped into rich shea butter to create a luscious, deeply nourishing balm, rich in EFAs and antioxidants

  9. Amazigh Argan Oil
    • Pure Argan Oil, traditionally hand-cracked and hand-pressed by the Al Amal Berber Women's Cooperative in southern Morocco
    • Rich in Vitamin E, Sterols, Squalene, and Essential Fatty Acids - a divine combination for supporting radiant, dewy, healthy and strong skin.
    • Certified Organic
    • For All Skin
  10. Wild Carrot Eye Balm - evanhealy
    • In an easy applicator tube that makes it ideal for travel, purse
    • Features cold pressed wild carrot seed oil and our own handmade whipped shea butter
    • Daily application tones, nourishes, brightens, smoothes and protects the delicate skin of the eye area
    • With certified organic oils of sunflower avocado, cocoa butter, rosehip and coconut oil

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