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    Oil & Water Refining Ritual

    Ideal for mature, sensitive & reactive skin

    Oil & Water Refining Ritual

    Ideal for mature, sensitive & reactive skin

    • About Our Oil & Water Refining Ritual

      Oil + Water

      By using Oil and Water we support and mimic the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier. This simple pairing realigns our skin with its own innate rhythm, supports the skin’s own natural defenses, enhances the skin’s ability to detoxify, and encourages the skin’s own moisturizing and hydration strategy. When layered together oils hold the waters to the skin, while waters anchor the moisture from the oils more deeply. This pairing is a perfect delivery system for nutrients. Essential fatty acids, antioxidants and both water-soluble and fat-soluble phytonutrients are delivered and completely bioavailable in this form. Most people who apply a twice daily application of their Oil Serum and HydroSoul find that this simple pairing provides enough moisture and hydration so that they need nothing else for their skin to feel properly hydrated and moisturized. 

      The Refining Duo

      Lightweight, but therapeutic, this silky Duo is a comforting infusion for skin that is mature, sensitive, and highly reactive.

      Our Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir is a customer favorite and features some of our favorite desert botanicals. Prickly pear seed oil, blue tansy, and jojoba. Antioxidant-rich prickly pear seed oil has 150% the Vitamin E in Argan Oil, as well a feast of barrier-supporting phytosterols, free-radical-fighting polyphenols, and skin nourishing essential fatty acids. Jojoba creates the perfect harmony on skin, as it mimics our own skin natural sebum. Cooling blue tansy soothes and pacifies even the most reactive irritated skin. Hawaiian sandalwood supports skin that has seen perhaps a little too much sun and helps to keep skin moisturized. And ylang ylang blossoms calm and balance. The HydroSoul of this pair? Our favorite sacred, ancient resin — Frankincense. This special plant tones, firms, and refines, while protecting and revitalizing. 

      This Duo creates an aura of sacredness, protection, and fortification.

      • Ideal for mature, sensitive and reactive skin
      • The foundation for optimal skin health: authentic moisture, hydration and deep nourishment
      • HydroSoul - 4 fl oz
      • Elixir - 0.5 fl oz
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    Oil & Water Refining Ritual

    Oil & Water Refining Ritual is ideal for mature, sensitive & reactive skin

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