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    Sibyl Color Balm

    a mauve brown

    Sibyl Color Balm

    a mauve brown

    • About our Sibyl Color Balm

      Sibyl is a color of both mystery and certainty, and is named for the mystic oracles of ancient Greece, the earliest of whom would utter ecstatic prophecy in dark mountain caves. Grounding, yet mystical, Sibyl is a rich color that imbues a presence of earthy mystery. It is the most shadowy of our shades, and for us it conjures a sensual sense of the Unknown. Be bold. Trust yourself.
      • Pigmented moisture balms for face and body.
      • Natural mineral pigments are woven into a base of Kperisi Village shea butter, Al Amal Co-operative argan oil, rosehip oil, and organic beeswax to create color that is not only beautiful, but therapeutic.
      • Size: NET WT: 0.17 oz / 5 g
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    Sibyl Color Balm

    Sibyl Color Balm is a mauve brown

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