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    Medina Color Balm - Sample

    a terracotta brown

    Medina Color Balm - Sample

    a terracotta brown

    • About our Medina Color Balm - Sample

      Named for the old, magical quarters of North African cities. Medinas are fragrant labyrinths of spice and song, alive and thrumming with culture, music, people and ancient memories. This clay-colored shade reminds us especially of the Old Medina in Marrakech, where we spent time getting lost, drinking tea, eating tagine and shopping for textiles and art, as a detour on our way to visit the women of the Al Amal Co-operative in southern Morocco. Medina is a delicious terracotta that adds a dynamic warm hue to lips, cheeks and eyes. Explore the depth of your beauty. Medina will walk with you.
      • Pigmented moisture balms for face and body.
      • Natural mineral pigments are woven into a base of Kperisi Village shea butter, Al Amal Co-operative argan oil, rosehip oil, and organic beeswax to create color that is not only beautiful, but therapeutic.
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    Medina Color Balm

    Medina Color Balm is a terracotta brown

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