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    Copper-distilled HydroSoul Collection

    Summer botanical waters

    Copper-distilled HydroSoul Collection

    Summer botanical waters

    • About our Copper-distilled hydrosol Collection

      A fragrant and seasonal bouquet of aromatic and transformative plant waters, chosen for their remarkable ability to hydrate, tone, beautify, and balance all skin types. These ancient beauty allies align the skin with its highest harmony, and support clarity, suppleness, radiance, and adaptability.

      Our set of 6 Summer Waters has been chosen to cool, balance, revitalize, and hydrate steamy, irritated, and congested summer skin.

      Blood Orange - Water of the Sun. Juicy and radiant, Blood Orange tones and luminizes all skin especially combination and oily. It uplifts the spirit and brings light into the dark heart of winter. No photosensitizing.

      Tulsi - Water of Protection. Earthy and uplifting Tulsi has an impressive ability to harmonize & enliven while infusing the skin with an abundance of antioxidants. It's a wonderful choice for dull devitalized skin.

      Lemon Thyme - Water of Excitement. Stimulates blood circulation and provides additional support to oily and blemish-prone skin. Natural antioxidant high in vitamins C, D, and B-complex.

      Rose Geranium - Water of Resilience. Rose Geranium is a tremendously robust, resilient and adaptable plant. As a dermal adaptogen, it helps skin adapt to stress, regulate moisture, and guide skin back to a state of harmony and balance.

      Lavender - Water of Calmness. Cooling, calming, synergizing and protecting, Lavender is a remarkable ally for the skin and psyche. This gentle therapeutic herbal ally calms the skin and soothes the restless spirit.

      Heart of Summer - Water of Harmony. Enlivening Lemon Verbena, cooling Lavender, and resilient dermal adaptogen Rose Geranium unite in a fragrant and harmonizing HydroSoul bouquet to bring a refreshing drench of hydration to all skin.

      • A fragrant bouquet of some of our favorite summer HydroSouls
      • Six Travel size bottles (1 fl oz/30 ml) - perfect for purses & gifts
      • HydroSouls of Blood Orange, Tulsi, Lemon Thyme, Rose Geranium, Lavender & Heart of Summer
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    Copper-distilled hydrosol Collection

    Copper-distilled hydrosol Collection is summer botanical waters