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    Farmer Destilling hydrosoul Farmer Destilling hydrosoul

    United States


    Pure Plant Waters

    The majority of our HydroSouls come from a small group of family farms and distillers based in the Columbia River Valley in Washington state. This community is unique in the world; it is the epicenter of the current revival of the ancient art of copper distillation in the aromatherapy industry. While most hydrosols available in the market are byproducts of essential oil distillation, these distillers are harvesting and distilling exclusively for the hydrosol alone.


    Hydrosols are gentle remedies that offer an immense array of benefits to all skin. Pure plant waters, extracted through the ancient art of steam distillation, are one of our best allies in the world of skin care. They provide necessary, deep hydration, as well as balance the skin’s pH while delivering harmonizing constituents from the plants into your skin. HydroSouls are the missing link in skin care.

    World Impact

    Place: Columbia River Valley, WA
    Community: 9+ family farms
    Ingredient: Hydrosols
    Area cultivated: 200+
    No. of crops: 8
    Yield: 8 lbs of plant material in every gallon

    Skin Impact

    Hydrate: Provides deep & authentic hydration
    Balance pH: Slightly acidic, just like the skin
    Anchor in Moisture: Helps oils & butters penetrate deeper 
    Hydrolipid Barrier support: Mimics the skin’s protective barrier when paired with pure plant oil

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