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    Our Mission


    Our mission is to create sanctuary.

    For you, and for all the beings our business touches.

    Sanctuary for the earth, who creates the powerful and therapeutic plants we use in our formulations.

    For its stewards, our ingredient suppliers, who cultivate, tend, and harvest with exquisite devotion and care to bring us the finest plant material possible.

    For our team, whose commitment to community inspires us daily.

    And for you, our customers, who share our devotion to the natural world and transformation of modern beauty ideals.

    We aim to have each movement we make crafted with reverence, responsibility, and consideration. We strive to have our work revive a sense of the sacred, and plant seeds of a beauty that empowers all.

    Let us be your sanctuary.

    Skin speaks to us in
    many ways.

    Let’s change the conversation around skin care.

    Skin is not just a shield, eternally static – forever dry, forever oily, forever sensitive.

    While skin acts as a protective barrier, it is not impenetrable and unyielding. It is receptive and discerning. While skin can appear locked in imbalance, it only does this to express internal disharmony. Skin is dynamic and alive and ever-changing. It is permeable and communicative. It’s the one organ we can see, the one organ we interact with on a daily basis. It is the part of ourselves through which we experience the world and through which the world experiences us.

    Skin is beyond beauty, beyond health. While it is both, it is also something more. Something sacred and vital. Skin is a teacher, skin is a messenger. By knowing our skin, we know ourselves – how strong, how sensitive, how resilient.

    Through skin we have an opportunity to live more fully, listen more closely, feel more deeply.

    Plants and skin speak
    the same language.

    The skin is a diagnostic tool. It communicates the inner workings of our bodies. Through it we see systemic heat, digestive, hormonal and nervous system imbalances. Not only is it a mirror of our inner world, it’s also a mirror of our outer world – a reflection of the soil, the skin of the Earth. Both skin and soil have three layers and a protective top layer. Each is home to a rich microbiome, and each exchanges nutrients and gasses with the outside world.

    Beyond the striking similarities of structure and function, we see that modern skin care treatments reflect the practices of modern agriculture. Current commonly accepted agricultural practices take little consideration of the long-term health of the soil. Mono-cropping, pesticides, and overworking of fields leaves the soil stripped of its nutrients and life force. In a similar manner, overuse of invasive skin care treatments, exfoliants, and prescription medications leave the skin overworked, stripped, and sterilized.

    Yet today there is a resurgence of farmers respecting the Earth, working to nourish the soil, and support the harmony and complexity of the microbiome.By bringing a diversity of nutrients to the skin in the form of oils, hydrosols, butters and clay, we too are realigning ourselves – our skin and bodies – with the rhythms of the earth.