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    Woman al amal co-operative plantint tree Woman al amal co-operative plantint tree


    Living Tradition

    Authentic Co-operatives

    We source our hand-pressed argan oil exclusively from the Al Amal Women’s Co-operative in southern Morocco. After previously working with a larger collective made up of smaller co-ops that included Al Amal, we narrowed down this particular co-operative as the producers of truly the most extraordinary argan oil we’ve ever come in contact with. According to the Belgian Development Agency, BEFAIR, less than 10% of the argan exported from Morocco is made by authentic women’s co-operatives.


    Argan oil is a dream for all skin and all ages. Dry, oily, combo, blemish-prone, mature, sensitive - every skin type can benefit from its gentle nourishment. It cultivates skin that is smooth, dewy, luminous, strong and clear. It’s an exceptional moisturizer, perfectly simple and complete. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps, softens, smoothes, calms and nourishes.

    World Impact

    Place: Tiznet, Morocco
    Community: Al-Amal Women’s Cooperative 30+ women
    Ingredient: Argan Oil
    Reforestation Project: 400+ Argan trees planted
    Yield: It takes a year for an argan tree to produce a liter of oil

    Skin Impact

    Soften: Naturally occurring squalene and vitamin E make skin soft & supple
    Nourish: Rich in antioxidants & phytosterols, cultivating glow & barrier support 
    Moisturize: A lovely balance of omega 6 & 9 make argan ideal for all skin 

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