Harvested by hand, flesh of the fruit removed by hand, seed cracked by hand, oil pressed by hand. Certified Organic. This is the quality of oil created by the Al Amal Co-operative. Argan unites the power of women supporting women and creating beauty in the world. Fatima, the President of the co-op says, “we are from different places, cultures and climates but still connected,” woven together with the golden thread of argan oil, with a shared desire to empower and uplift. The women of the co-op are heartfelt and warm, each with a sparkle in their eye. Their skin is strikingly radiant - clear, luminous, plump. The product of genetics, lifestyle, stress and argan oil. And although these women may not possess monetary wealth, they are profoundly wealthy. These women are rich in love, community and connection and they radiate with something truly special.