Meet Evan

My mission is to change the way people think about and treat their skin.

- Evan Healy

Evan Healy, a holistic aesthetician, is a beauty expert and a recognized pioneer in the natural personal care industry. Her mission is to change the way people think about and treat their skin.

At her core, Evan is a truth seeker. Her ongoing search for knowledge has dominated her life for decades and throughout that time has fostered connections with those who celebrate ancient traditions, wisdom from nature and a commitment to the care of our Earth.

As a young adult, Evan was introduced to the healing powers of medicinal plants while sailing around the Tahitian Islands with her family. After her mother was scalded by hot water, a French Medical Doctor wrapped her wound in strips of gauze that had been saturated in aromatic substances; a week later, gauze removed, Evan witnessed her mother’s healed skin and saw firsthand how an essential oil can act as a medicinal balm.

Following an early career in San Francisco’s fashion world, she moved to San Diego where her father had opened a thriving natural food store. He tasked her to define, develop, and integrate the beauty category into the overall wellness department. The year was 1984. It was here that she found her passion: she was among the first to champion the use of organically grown, biologically active, plant-based ingredients in the beauty world. Her dedication led her to train as an aesthetician first in the United States and then later with a European-based organization that was already employing the use of bio-dynamically grown and Demeter-certified herbs, flowers and plants in their skin and body care preparations. Working in the gardens deepened her respect that people exist in harmony with plants and that we as individuals are part of a divine universal order.

Evan’s career:

1984 - Independent natural foods retailer in San Diego.

1986 - Trained with a European based organization using biodynamically grown plants and holistic practices.

1988 - Opened private aesthetics
practice in San Diego.

1990s - Studied aromatherapy,
Ayurveda, and homeopathy in US, Europe and later India.

1999 - Co-founded evanhealy.

2000s - Cultivated relationships with family farms, women’s cooperatives and tribal villages.

In 1988, she opened a private practice, specializing in holistic skin treatments, in the Pacific Center for Health, a San Diego acupuncture clinic. Working in a clinical setting, rather than a salon, deepened her awareness of the therapeutic impact of her skills.

During this time, Evan was immersed in the emerging aromatherapy world; she studied and trained with some of the top aromatherapists in the US and Europe: Malte Hozzel, Ph.D., Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D., and Dietrich Gumbel, Ph.D. Drawing on those years, she combined her experience as an aesthetician with her knowledge and love of plants to create something utterly profound yet simple – a skin care line of emulsions, butters, and serums incorporating essential oils, hydrosols, and clays.Evan’s creation solidified her belief in the efficacy of simplicity.In the 2000s, Evan started using flower essences in her products. Flower essences, not to be confused with essential oils, represent energetic imprints of the life force of plants. In 2012, she collaborated with Alexis Smart, an innovator in the use of flower essences who worked with mentors in the direct lineage of Dr. Bach. Together, they created a range of synergies for Evan’s treatments that not only restore skin vitality but also bring about balance at a fundamental level of our being.

Under Evan’s inspiration, the company has forged deeply personal relationships with family farms, tribal villages and women’s cooperatives. In 2007, she started work with one distiller along the Columbia River Valley, in the state of Washington, as a source for the brand’s certified organic hydrosols. What started as an experiment with a small field of lavender has subsequently grown to the cultivation of well over two hundred acres of aromatic plants affecting the livelihoods of a dozen families.

Evan honors those communities that earn their sustenance from the land. This is true whether it’s the family farms of America, or the women of indigenous cultures in other parts of the world. In particular she celebrates the generous spirits who have shared the knowledge of their ancestors with her. Be it the Kperisi in Ghana, where the company sources its organic, fair trade shea butter; or the Al Amal Women’s Co-operative in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco – their source of organic argan.

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