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    Meet Jessica Kelso


    “I believe that the warm glow of a sauna should be a regular part of life and preventative medicine, rather than the occasional treat.”

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    A Few Words From Jessica, Owner Of Loyly Spa

    *Please see website for Loyly Northeast location

    “I'm a native of the Pacific Northwest, and have been in the hospitality and restaurant industry for decades, but found myself drawn to the Wellness industry as my lifestyle became more healthy and holistic. I run, sauna, do yoga and spend time with my dog in nature as much as possible. Opening a public sauna was something that I did when I saw a huge gap in the spa industry, as more accessible lifestyle wellness was something only in Europe and other countries for the most part. I believe that the warm glow of a sauna should be a regular part of life and preventative medicine, rather than the occasional treat.

    As a person with serious chemical sensitivity, I found evanhealy to be one of the only product lines I could tolerate and then fell in love with it. I'm really grateful for the evanhealy line and how it heals my skin without synthetic fragrance. It's like food for my skin and feels so nourishing and necessary. I love the whipped shea with olive leaf, which the whole family uses at all times. My husband takes it fishing. Any of the Blue Cactus line is a real treat, and feels like a luxury, but so clean and hydrating. Tulsi HydroSoul remains my constant companion, I feel like that little bit of adaptogenic herb love really helps my nervous system during these times.”

    If you are interested in working with us or featuring evanhealy products in your spa, please contact [email protected].