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    Women holding shea nuts Women holding shea nuts



    Timeless Beauty

    Our Shea Butter comes to us exclusively from a collective of over 100 women within the Kperisi Village of northwestern Ghana. Kperisi lies close to the city of Wa, and at the doorstep of the sub-Saharan Desert — a biome of tropical grassland. Here they traditionally hand-make their luscious, therapeutic shea butter the same way their ancestors have for centuries.


    Comforting, protective and profoundly nourishing, shea butter is a remarkably versatile ally for skin. This timeless ingredient was once traded to ancient Egypt to be used in their beauty creams. It now has worldwide renown and popularity for its remarkable ability to nourish, protect, beautify and soothe the skin.

    World Impact

    Place: Northwest region of Ghana 
    Community: Kprersi Village 100+ women engaged
    Ingredient: Shea Butter
    Yield: A shea-tree takes up to 50 years to mature enough to be harvested. Only 15% of fallen shea fruit/seeds are picked for production.

    Skin Impact

    Sealing Moisture:  The ultimate refuge for dry and sensitive skin
    Protection: Prevents trans-epidermal water loss while allowing the skin to breathe
    Calming: A calming cocoon to sensitive and reactive skin
    Nourishment: Rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and skin harmonizing compounds

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