Forest Bathing Ritual
A collaboration by evanhealy and Juniper Ridge

Channeling the spirit of Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese art of forest bathing, this collection recreates the soothing & therapeutic effects of immersing yourself in nature. A forest bath for your skin, these products steep your senses in aromatic compounds & cocoon you in the diverse magic & medicine of the forest.

Tea Tree Gel Cleanser

Lightly lathering, purifying cleanser
With the fresh herbal extracts of geranium, lavender, and sea buckthorn is a non-detergent gel ideal for deep cleansing skin without stripping protective oils. Developed for impure skin, it is also an effective choice for those who simply prefer a lightly lathering cleansing gel. With the clean and herbaceous fragrance of steam-distilled essential oils of tea tree, lavender and lavandin, it also makes a great shower gel.

Cascade Forest Body Wash

Scents of damp forest floor, snapped fir needles, fresh sap
Infused with aromatic notes of the Pacific Northwest forests, mixed with the scent of Mt Hood in the late fall. Bring the mountainous Pacific Northwest region home, no matter where you are.

Transform your everyday shower into a refined bathing experience. As versatile as it is inspiring, our body wash is also an all-purpose liquid soap. Because it’s concentrated, a little goes a long way. For our body wash we combined our signature steam-distilled essential oils with other saponified organic oils — clean ingredients to invoke the essence and scent of the wild locations we love.

Douglas Fir HydroSoul

Earthy, uplifting facial tonic
Rich, pure and sweet, with an immense depth and complexity, Douglas Fir is truly unique and utterly enchanting. It encourages deep breathing, clears and centers the mind, and nourishes the spirit.

This ancient tree carries the whole history and mystery of Mother Nature. It moves stagnancy, nourishes, strengthens, and tones. Its sweetness is reminiscent of lemons and butterscotch, but it is, at the same time, resinous and earthy.

Redwood Mist Bath Salts

Notes of citrusy conifer and soft minerals
Capture the aroma of salted air as it gently pushes through the palatial redwood forests of Northern California with our Redwood Mist Bath Salts. 

A soothing blend of salts and botanicals infused with steam distilled essential oils derived from plants native to the West Coast for a pure, aroma therapeutic experience. Let the mineral rich salts soothe your muscles and nourish your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Whipped Neroli Frankincense Body Butter

Rejuvenating moisture body balm
Cocooned in Beauty. Sensual, sweet, intoxicating. A creamy, nourishing, softening and protective cocoon created to moisturize and soothe even the driest of skin. Kperisi Village shea butter is whipped to a lush and decadent, mousse-like perfection with nourishing oils that soften and seal in hydration, while revitalizing and rejuvenating parched, dull skin. This butter can be used for head to toe moisture across all terrains of skin.

Sierra Forest Essential Oil Candle

Spicy resin, freshevergreen needles,crisp mountain air
Illuminates your space with scents from the Yosemite Valley floor to the shores of Lake Tahoe. Be transported to the tree lined vistas of California’s iconic Sierra Nevada Mountains, where pine, fir, and cedar trees grow tall across the steep range.

These Essential Oil Candles are hand poured in our Oakland, CA workshop using pure domestically sourced soy wax and a natural cotton wick. Our candles are a clean and cozy way to bring the outdoors into your home.

Body Brush from Bass

#77 Body Brush from Bass
Gently exfoliate, stimulate circulation, and cleanse your skin with this Brush made from pure bamboo and 100% natural bristles. Can be used for dry brushing or to lather up your favorite Body Wash.

For nearly 40 years, Bass has designed luxury grade bath and body tools with an emphasis on natural and durable materials for long product life and environmental sustainability.

Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil

Soothing, restorative facial oil
For centuries, it has been used to care for skin that is damaged, scarred, burned, flakey and irritated. While rosehip is a special oil for truly every skin type, it's especially revered for its ability to beautify skin that is scarred. It restores, rejuvenates, and illuminates like no other singular oil.

Our extraordinary rosehip seed oil comes exclusively from Chile, where it is wild harvested by hand, certified organic, and cold-pressed fresh to order.

Douglas Fir and Rosehips Botanical Tea

Tart and Tangy, Citrus, Mild Evergreen
A soft, savory tea that sings with the flavor of clean mountain air and the resonant note of rosehips. Sustainably sourced and harvested from California’s northern coast, this simple blend dances with sweet fragrance and a spark of tanginess. Serve hot for a restful companion in the cold, or chilled for the perfect refreshment after a long day outside.

Farmed White Sage, Mugwort + Cedar Incense

Natural incense trio
We gathered three of the most beloved aromatic plants together--Farmed white sage, mugwort, and cedar--for our trio of natural plant incense bundles. For each bundle, we’ve gathered together the leaves, rolled them into a bundle, and tied them with organic hemp twine. To use, light the bundle and let the smoldering end waft its fragrance throughout your space. When you can’t get out there, bring nature home.

This product is made with 100% farmed white sage from a family operated farm in Mexico