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    Travel-Size Blue Cactus Beauty Balm

    A sanctuary for dry, troubled, reactive, mature & sensitive skin

    Travel-Size Blue Cactus Beauty Balm

    A sanctuary for dry, troubled, reactive, mature & sensitive skin

    • About our Travel-Size Blue Cactus Beauty Balm

      Blue Cactus Beauty Balm more closely resembles a solid oil than the typical waxy salve-texture of conventional balms. It melts on contact with the skin, transforming from an airy butter into a plush, silken oil.

      This highly concentrated, antioxidant-rich feast is a dream in turquoise. It has been artfully formulated to comfort and consecrate all skin. The moisture-drench replenishment of this cooling, azure cloud cream features heat-pacifying blue tansy, powerful prickly pear seed, nourishing baobab, and protective Kpersi Village shea butter.

      Through the synergy of the plant allies that comprise it, Blue Cactus Balm is abundant in:

      • Essential Fatty Acids — support the protective lipid barrier, soften, fortify and support
      • Vitamin E — restorative antioxidant, softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevents further oxidative damage
      • Phytosterols — help maintain barrier function and encourage collagen production
      • Polyphenols — harmonize, pacify heat, prevent free-radical damage, and rejuvenate

      This balm is for people who want the soothing, restorative and calming effects of Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir, but with a bit more moisture and protection. Where our Blue Cactus Elixir is Evan’s love song to the desert, Blue Cactus Balm is a global, intersectional, invitation to all skin. An invitation for rest, an invitation for nourishment, and an invitation for cooling tranquility.

      While it is a wonderful choice for all skin, the skin conditions that will benefit most from its deep, cooling nourishment are…

      • Unquenchably dry
      • Extremely reactive and sensitive
      • Endlessly red and/or chapped
      • Over-processed, over-exfoliated, compromised, and troubled
      • Mature
      • Acne-prone
      • For all skin — especially sensitive, fiery, devitalized, troubled, over-processed, dry, mature, and acne-prone
      • The juncture between antioxidant serum, moisturizer, and facial butter
      • With prickly pear, baobab, blue tansy, baobab, and shea butter — a solid version of our Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir
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    Travel-Size Blue Cactus Beauty Balm

    Travel-Size Blue Cactus Beauty Balm is a sanctuary for dry, troubled, reactive, mature & sensitive skin

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