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    Helios Glow Balm - Sample

    a bronzing highlight

    Helios Glow Balm - Sample

    a bronzing highlight

    • About our Helios Glow Balm - Sample

      A solar infusion. Named for the Greek sun god, he who is the very sun itself, Helios imprints skin with decadent, sun-kissed blessings. A rich indulgence and a warm aura, the glow Helios imbues recreates the lush generous impression of pure sunlight. Remember your gifts.
      • Luminizing moisture balms for face and body.
      • Ancient poetry on the skin.
      • Subtle, radiant, and you.
      • Our Glow Balms act as universal luminizers and highlighters, and infuse the skin with ethereal light. They provide a dewy, enchanting luminescence that sets your skin alight and create a magnetic aura of radiance.
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    Helios Glow Balm

    Helios Glow Balm is a bronzing highlight

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