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    Brow Pomade

    Little pots of dark, creamy pigment. Rich, long-lasting color


    Brow Pomade

    Little pots of dark, creamy pigment. Rich, long-lasting color

    Dark Brown
    • Little pots of dark, creamy pigment. Our Brow Pomades provide rich, long-lasting color to sparse brows. The star of this formula is brow-nourishing castor oil, supported by a lovely cast of other nutritious cold-pressed oils. Waxes and butters hold brows in place while mineral pigments fill in gaps and add sculpted definition for a strong, natural looking brow.

      These highly pigmented pomades can also be used as eye smudges dabbed around eyes with fingers, or with a brush for a more defined, lined look. They can even be blended with any of the Lip & Cheek Sticks to darken and add more dimension and depth.

      One of our team members likes to lightly line her lips using the Small Detail Lip Brush and Dark Brown Brow Pomade, soften the line with her fingertips, and then apply the Mocha Sheer Tint Cover Stick in Mocha to her lips and gently blend the two together to create semi-matte, soft nude brown lip color.

      Taupe: An ash-tinged medium brown. The pomades can be applied with a light touch to fairer-haired individuals, or with a heavier-touch for a more dramatic look. A very adaptable color that works on many complexions.

      Dark Brown: A darker, warmer brown for darker-haired individuals. Also, our favorite choice to use as an eye smudge.

      *To choose which colors are right for you, please visit this color page*

      • Rich, long-lasting color to enhance and define sparse brows
      • Featuring brow-nourishing castor oil
      • Also makes a wonderful eye-smudge