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Courtney Cox

“In this line of work I feel as though I get to be the bridge into a deeper understanding of self.”

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Q & A with Courtney

What lead you on your path to become an Esthetician?

Struggles with my own skin through my younger years and lack of education on the subject was what made me want to be an Esthetician. Once I was educated enough to realize how little information there was about how our skin interacts with our internal and external world was where I found my real passion!

Why do you choose to use evanhealy in your practice? What lead you to evanhealy?

I began my career really interested in working in a Dermatologist office on really “problematic” skin. After spending a few years working with chemical based products I quickly realized there were holes in my practice. I was seeing the progression of sensitivity in clients skin and not being able to treat or soothe them. This was when my career changed for the better! I dug deep and really started to educate myself on the plant world and the natural synergy our bodies share with them. After all my research evanhealy held the highest standards for quality of ingredients and organic certification.

How long have you been practicing?

11 years

What is the most fulfilling thing about your work?

In this line of work I feel as though I get to be the bridge into a deeper understanding of self. Because skin is such a direct representation of our internal and external world, it is so much more then just our skin care routine. I get to shed light on the idea of whole total body wellness and the skin being the mirror of our mind, body and soul.

Can you tell us a little about your practice?

I am a Holistic Esthetician specializing in soothing the nervous system through slow, rhythmic and intentional touch as well as aromatherapy-rich evanhealy skin care. I incorporate some tools and modalities that have been used in cultures throughout history and the world such as jade rollers, gua sha and facial cupping.

What inspires you?

This idea of re-wilding us humans! We have gone so far away from what our skin and bodies really need. Bringing it back to what’s natural and real is my driving force!

Why do you chose holistic, non-invasive skin care instead of conventional skin care?

Because our bodies were not meant to digest the chemicals and alternatives that are in so much of today’s conventional skin care. This idea of harsh acids and peels goes against all that our skin does on its own. Plant-based, organic skin care can actually be fully digested and absorbed by our skin which makes for more sustainable and long-lasting results.

What other interests do you have outside of esthetics?

I have two dogs that hold me accountable for daily park visits, hikes and outdoor adventures as well as a weekly visit to a neighborhood Ranch where I get to work with horses!

What is your favorite product and/or combination of products?

My favorite HydroSouls are Heart of Summer and Immortelle, followed with my favorite moisture mixture of Argan Intensive Serum, Whipped Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter and Sea Algae Serum!

What is your personal evanhealy ritual?

My skin is very combination skin and environmentally sensitive! Which means I am ALWAYS switching it up. HydroSouls are my go-to, CANNOT live without. They always seem to bring balance to my sometimes oily/sometimes dry skin. At night I love to cleanse with the Coconut Cream Cleanser and a warm washcloth followed with the HydroSoul I’m feeling drawn to that evening. In the morning I wake up with an invigorating saturation of HydroSoul followed up with Argan Intensive Serum or the Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir and Whipped Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter. Top it all off with one last saturation of HydroSoul and some Sea Algae Serum or Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid.

What makes you a truth seeker?

I never have to defend the truth. It will defend itself.

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