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    Uncover a hidden gem during our 25% off Sitewide Sale

    Uncover a hidden gem during our 25% off Sitewide Sale

    With a collection as extensive as ours it’s easy to arrive at a few favorites, and forget about some of the rest. Frankly, it’s something that even happens to us on team evanhealy! Scroll down to see some of our favorite under-the-radar products that might be your skin’s new support team.

    If you’ve ever been curious about trying something new, now is your chance to uncover a hidden gem!


    25% off sitewide sale

    Take 25% off the entire online shop November 19 - December 6.

    Uncover a hidden gem

    evanhealy patchouli rose cleansing milk

    Patchouli Rose Cleansing Milk


    Ever tried cleansing with Patchouli Rose Cleansing Milk? If you’re already a fan of our Rose or Lavender cleansing milks, you might want to try the Patchouli Rose cleanser. It’s the same dreamy consistency + the scent of earth, warmth and a hint of dark chocolate.

    evanhealy nourishing cleansing oil

    Nourishing Cleansing Oil


    For troubled, dry, sensitive, reactive, acne-prone and/or congested skin in need of a deep cleanse, try oil cleansing with Nourishing Cleansing Oil. You’ll want to have a wash cloth on hand for this fortifying ritual, like ourLinen Face Wash Cloth. Read this step by step guide on oil cleansing to find out how.

    evanhealy Sandalwood perfume

    Sandalwood Perfume


    Try a new scent! One of our favorites is Sandalwood. It awakens the soul and nourishes the spirit. Its mesmerizing scent of creamy caramelized woods and its profound ability to unify, ground and elevate has captivated humans for thousands of years. Adorn your sacred self with Sandalwood Perfume

    evanhealy blue cactus face balm & balancing ritual

    Balancing Ritual kit & Blue Cactus Face Balm


    We have a bunch of products that are designed with travel in mind! Seal in moisture on-the-go with Blue Cactus Cooling Face Balm, or explore our kit size Oil & Water rituals. Our go-to for keeping skin healthy while traveling is the Balancing Ritual Kit.

    Replenishing Rose Drops & Douglas Fir HydroSoul

    Replenishing Rose Drops & Douglas Fir HydroSoul


    Maybe you want to stock up on the classics, or maybe you want to adopt a new ritual. We love Replenishing Rose Drops & Douglas Fir HydroSoul together… Have you tried it?

    evanhealy Clay Bowl & Brush and Linen face wash cloth

    Clay Bowl and Brush & Linen Face wash cloth


    Elevate your skin care routine with our ritual tools. Our clay bowls are made by one of our neighbors here in Carlsbad, California!

    evanhealy Sanctuary Serum, tinted oil serum foundation, sea algae serum and replenishing rose drops
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