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    Cleansing is the doorway into the ritual of skin care. It is not just the first step, but the initiation into the ritual itself, and... Read more
    I want to clarify a few misconceptions about clay for skin and health care: Clay is not dirt. It is a form of soil residue left over from when the earth was first formed. Clay is alive. And it is the oldest healing material on earth.
      What is a Hydrosol Hydrosols are gentle remedies that offer an immense array of benefits to all skin. These simple, gentle yet powerful plant... Read more
    Lavender opens to the door to the world of cool, tranquil peace for your skin. Cooling, calming, synergizing and protecting, Lavender is a remarkable ally... Read more
    The area of the neck and décolleté are often overlooked in facial care treatments. This protocol provides a deeply nourishing, restorative and hydrating treatment using... Read more
    Exploring the versatility of shea through a deep hydration cleanse We source our certified organic Shea Butter from Kperisi Village women’s cooperative located in the... Read more
    Blue Cactus Cooling Balm Rose Vetiver Harmonizing Balm Patchouli Frankincense Rejuvenation Balm Richer moisture than our Oil Serums. Silkier than our Whipped Shea Butters. More... Read more
    Beauty is your birthright. Welcome to evanhealy cosmetics. A simple, minimalistic collection of color designed to amplify the natural birthright of beauty, to support the... Read more
    Rose. Queen of the flowers. Empress of peace. Aphrodite incarnate. Nothing quite compares to the resplendent aromatic
    A revised collection of nourishing oils and butters to moisturize, soften, and nurture from head to toe All skin deserves love and attention. All skin... Read more
    A limited edition Oil Serum centered around the rare and precious sandalwood seed oil. We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest Oil Serum,... Read more
    Greetings evanhealy family, As of Sunday, March 22, California has clarified that personal care companies such as ours are considered essential businesses. As such we’ll... Read more

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