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    Kpersi Village Skill Program and Roaster Update

    Kpersi Village   Skill Program and Roaster Update

    In December of 2018, we put aside $1 from every one of our Kpersi Village shea butter products purchased on our website. Funds raised are now being used in support of a job training program for the youth of the Village, which will provide students with trade skills and self-reliance. We raised $2,700 in total; $1,500 went to supporting two teachers in the job training program and the remaining $1,750 were used to purchase 5 roasters for the women of the Village. This all happened because of YOUR support. Thank you.

    Here’s an update on the status of the campaign.

    The teachers have arrived! The skill training program is just getting started.

    Why Roasters?

    Traditional methods of roasting shea nuts involve a large pot over an open fire and having to stand close and stir constantly. Sometimes areas get missed in the stir and can cause a burning of the nuts and damage the quality. There is a risk of burns from the fire and, being that close, it is impossible to avoid breathing in the smoke.

    These new roasters allow women to be further from the fire, avoid the risk of burns and minimize the rise of inhaling smoke. The constant turning prevents the nuts from burning and the mechanical efficiency makes turning the handle much easier than stirring the nuts with a stick.

    As always, none of this would have been possible without you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this journey.

    Interested in continuing to support the Kpersi Village with your purchases? Shop our Kpersi Village Shea Collection.

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