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    We love the sun!! Introducing Sheer Tint Sun Stick SPF 30

    We love the sun!! Introducing Sheer Tint Sun Stick SPF 30

    It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. After years of daily customer requests for a sunscreen, and then, even more years of experimentation, formulation and revision, Evan’s solar protection balm has at last been perfected.

    This creamy balm-like formula is completely free of preservatives and designed to protect and nourish all faces. Non-nano Zinc Oxide acts the sole mineral solar-protectant, bouncing sunbeams away from your precious countenance.

    Antioxidant-drenched red raspberry seed oil combines with two of our most beloved ingredients — Al Amal Co-operative argan oil and
    Kpersi Village shea butter — to add a hefty dose of essential fatty acids,vitamins and phytonutrients. The subtle mineral tint blends with all skin tones and is only included to diminish the white cast that is caused when using zinc oxide alone

    A small note for sun-wary individuals: Enjoy your time in the sun. We are, after all, not unfamiliar with its energetic nature. The earth is our home, our planet, and without the sun's beneficent, radiating light we simply wouldn't exist.

    So cover up, and don’t soak up direct sunlight during the brightest hours. When you dowant to partake in a serving of golden daylight, smooth this nourishing creamy sun balm into your skin to stay protected, nourished, and harmonized.

    We love the sun! Introducing Sheer Tint Sun Stick SPF 30