Covid Skin Care – A Restoration of Balance

Covid Skin Care – A Restoration of Balance

{photo credit: Evan Healy}

In any skincare routine, we strive to restore balance. Whether the skin is exhibiting excessive sebum (oil) activity, or swinging to the other side of the spectrum with an oil dry, dehydrated, sensitive and over reactive skin condition, a resilient border organ will assist in the recovery and restoration of a peaceful balance.

The skin interacts with all the body’s organs, and one is the digestive system. It does so by releasing metabolic toxins through the skin’s thousands of tiny dermal pores. Think of the skin as a pair of lungs. There is an inhalation of oxygen, an absorbing of nutrients, light and moisture; and an exhalation, releasing of CO2, and the byproducts of our digestive system.

The skin’s main function is protection. This is where the pH and microbiome come into play. The interaction of sebum production and sweat excretion that make up the acid mantle protects the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and extremes of weather and temperature.

The skin surrounds the body with a living shield, it is part of our immune system and protects us from environmental assault, i.e., pollution and sun exposure. The skin’s microbiome also acts as a protective barrier against invasive bacterial and microbial infections. The skin also works as the body’s thermal regulator, and is the body’s external nervous system.

In the beginning of COVID, we spoke about the issues that will arise for anyone wearing a face mask covering all day long, or even a few hours a day.

The answer, in order of importance was, first find a way to safely wear a mask while allowing yourself to also be able to breathe. After removing the protective mask, rehydrate the skin by drinking water or fluids, thus replacing the water lost from sweat, trans epidermal water loss, (TEWL) and sebum (oil).

In the meantime, maintaining skin and body health with rhythms of sleep, diet, exercise, as well as building in a resting period during the day will help to boost the ability of the skin to protect the body.

Here are few suggestions for the first thing in the morning, and at the end of the day:

Morning Suggestions:

Kick off the day with a glass of warm water, I love to add lemon, cucumber and mint. Follow with light breakfast that will allow the body and the nervous system to gently ‘slide’ into the day. I’m a big fan of the meal called the ‘elevenses’. A little meal of protein at 11:00 a.m., but that’s just me.

Be aware of too much caffeine intake. I decided to switch to herbal coffee (I love Wooden Spoons Herbs Herbal Coffee) or an infused herbal tea. Or a light berry smoothie made with water, yogurt or kefir as a base. Nothing too complicated. I personally don’t like to combined greens with fruit, but that’s just me! Sometimes, in cooler temps, I make a light miso soup with a hint of spices.

Evening Suggestions:

Try to get into the habit of putting your phone to sleep. As far as my phone goes, this is one I still struggle with because I listen to Audible before bed instead of read. I like my bedroom to have ‘quiet’ evening lighting, so listening to bedtime stories helps relax me.

I will make a small mug of warm milk (or nut/seed milk you like) with a spoonful of anti-inflammatory turmeric, and a little honey. Alternatively, I will make a small thermos of diluted CCF Tea - cumin, coriander and fennel and keep it by my bed. For me, warm water is very soothing for any digestive upsets. I also tend towards dehydration and warm water absorbs into the body’s tissues better than cold, and I just take sips of water, I don’t want to be jumping up all night!

Frankincense + Rose Restorative Facial Mask

frankincense facial tonic hydrosol argan intensive facial serum with rose flower

{photo credit: Evan Healy}

Frankincense is fortifying, revitalizing, and skin smoothing. It is an ancient fragrance that bestows a peaceful calm and feeling of equanimity to face and body.

This special plant water is distilled from the dried resinous sap of the hardy desert Frankincense tree. When wounded, the Frankincense tree produces a valuable sap to heal and repair its wound, seal in hydration, and keep out pathogens.

Argan Intensive Facial Serum (w/ Frankincense). This Oil Serum uses as its base argan oil from the Atlas Mts of Morocco. It is a nutrient and antioxidant powerhouse, and a veritable buffet of essential fatty acids, while also being profoundly protective, revitalizing, calming, plumping and restorative. It is an ideal choice for skin that needs extra nourishment and support, and with the presence of Frankincense, it is ideal for mature skin.

A weekly, or even twice-weekly, clay mask is another essential step in supporting and creating mesmerizing luminescence in mature skin. Restorative and refining, clay is a sustainable and long-term replacement for harsh exfoliation treatments like acids, enzymes and peels. A weekly clay mask absorbs dead skin cells, refines and exfoliates, revealing fresh, soft, firm and resilient skin without disturbing the skin’s protective acid mantle. The epidermal layer is there for a reason! Clay is also rich in minerals, especially silica, the skin mineral that nourishes and fortifies the skin with each use. Minerals are the building blocks of strong, resilient and firm skin.

For the Restorative Facial Mask we will be using the French Rose Clay for delicate to normal skin. However, both Clays (Green Tea) are appropriate.

Frankincense is of nature’s most protective resins and is the primary active ingredient in this facial treatment, and is perfect when paired with the heavenly scent and heart-healing activity of rose oil.

For the HydroSoul, you will be using Frankincense HydroSoul. It is an outstanding Facial Tonic for firming and toning wrinkles and fine lines, offering an instant "lift" to sagging facial muscles while also supplying the senses with a soothing and ethereal aroma: slightly sweet and peppery with undertones of resinous woods... truly the fragrance of the ancients.

Frankincense has been used for thousands of years, and has been considered sacred to all cultures that encountered it. It’s been found in beauty balms in the tombs of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, burned as incense in innumerable temples and churches to sanctify the space and summon Divine presence, and used as a tool in meditation, prayer and purification rituals. In the ancient world, pathways were forged in the desert to circulate this sacred plant through the spice trade. At that time, it was worth more than its weight in gold.

It is protective, purifying, and fortifying for all skin and spirits. Distilled from the dried sap tears of the desert tree Boswellia Carterii, Frankincense is a powerful skin ally, like many desert plants are. Frankincense has an amazing ability to deeply beautify, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin.

This sacred water is a must in every collection.

  • Sacred Scent: slightly peppery, with sweet undertones of ancient resin

  • Softens and refines skin texture and smooths the appearance of wrinkles

  • Frankincense HydroSoul comes to us from the hills of Northern Somalia (Somaliland). The resin is shipped to the US where it is hydro-distilled

Frankincense + Rose Restorative Facial Treatment

{photo credit: Evan Healy}

Greet and HYDRATE the skin with a gentle misting of Frankincense HydroSoul. Compress HydroSoul into skin.


Pre-cleanse by massaging with Nourishing Cleansing Oil into skin. Rinse off residue with warm damp face cloth.

Cleanse Skin with Rose Cleansing Milk mixed with a few dribbles of warm water.

Rinse well with cool water, then pat dry.


Briefly steam with a loose combination of rose petals, spearmint, lemon balm, etc. in a shallow pan of water. Use simmered water, drop a tablespoon of rose petals in the water and remove from heat. Towel head. But never boil your skin, please!

Pat skin gently, then mist with Frankincense HydroSoul.

MASSAGE FACE and DÉCOLLETÉ with Coconut Cream Cleanser.

Mist Face gently with HydroSoul after massage.

MASK TREATMENT – Mix French Rose Clay Mask with Frankincense HydroSoul, or Rose Petal HydroSoul. Leave on till dry. Remove mask thoroughly with warm towel compresses. Mist generously with Frankincense and/or Rose Petal HydroSoul.

Press waters into skin.

Moisture Restoration – Two pumps (more or less) Argan Intensive Facial Serum. Follow with Rose Vetiver Face Balm, and generous mists of Frankincense amd/or Rose Petal Facial Tonic HydroSoul. Press into skin with fingertips. Apply Whipped Shea Butter for Lips, and press Wild Carrot Immortelle Eye Balm around eyes. Finish with a misting of restorative Frankincense Facial Tonic HydroSoul.


Voilà. A Peaceful Face.


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