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    evanhealy Cosmetics Everyday skin care with color

    evanhealy Cosmetics Everyday skin care with color

    Who you are is enough

    Adornment is ancient. A celebration. A joyful offering

    Welcome to evanhealy cosmetics. A simple, minimalistic collection of color designed to amplify the natural birthright of beauty, to support the long term health of the skin, and to honor the cosmos in cosmetics.

    It is not an attempt to cover up, but rather to celebrate and uplift. To empower and rekindle your relationship with your own innate beauty.

    Inspired deeply by ancient art of adornment, and drawing purely upon the earth’s bounty of mineral pigments, plants, butters, waxes — evanhealy cosmetics contain absolutely no fillers and are formulated to be supportive of the skin function, and beneficial to the health of our 'living' skin. In short, it's just as nourishing as our skin care.

    Amplify. Adorn. Embrace.

    We’ve kept things tactile. Intimate. We ask you to use your hands. We invite you to come closer, to touch, to explore. To blur the boundaries of what you expect and how you may have traditionally engaged with your cosmetics before this.

    This is a way to invite the earth into your ritual with yourself. This is a celebration of beauty.

    A union of the earth’s beauty and your own wild, indomitable radiance.

    The Collection:

    Sheer Cover Stick - A Foundation | Lip & Cheek Stick - Universal Color sticks for lips, cheeks and eye | Brow Pomade - For brow definition and as a smudgy eyeliner | Mascara - Lightly enhances lashes | Makeup brushes - For precise application |

    This collection of color cosmetics is adaptable, multifunctional, and nourishing. It encourages creativity. It is layerable, and blendable. Colors can be combined, and used in places not noted in the fine print. Mixing and experimenting is encouraged. Everything can be worn sheer or built up for more pigmentation and coverage.

    This is an expanding pallet of colors.This is just the beginning, the first leg of our journey into cosmetics.We are listening. Interested in different colors? Interested in different products? Tell us. We want your input. We want your voice. We want this to be a community effort so that it can best serve you.

    Share your looks!

    As always, this expansion into cosmetics is cruelty free. Most of the ingredients are organic, except for the minerals which cannot be categorized as such due to their biological inorganic nature.

    But before we dive into the line itself, let’s go a little deeper.

    A brief history of cosmetics

    The word ‘cosmetics’ comes from the Greekkosmetikos, meaning “skilled in adornment or arrangement,” which has its origin inkosmos, meaning “order; ornament.”

    Yes, the word ‘cosmetics’ has the same origin as the word ‘cosmos.’ And that’s because in the perception of the ancient Greeks the two shared a theme of divine harmony and order. This thinking implies that to engage in the act of adornment connects one to the natural harmony and divine order of the universe.

    Cosmetics. What is now perceived as something shallow and superficial, once had a great depth of meaning, symbolism, and religious significance. Not just in ancient Greece, but all over the world.

    Ornate beauty ritual tables strewn with skin unguents, perfumes, and cosmetics graced the private chambers of the aristocracy of ancient Sumeria and Egypt, where the act of cosmetic adornment was a private, daily, ritual with oneself.

    Cosmetics were not gender specific. Both men and women in the ancient world partook in the art, using blends of minerals and plants to amplify their own natural beauty.

    Yet like perfume, the role of cosmetics in the ancient world was rich and complex, and was about a lot more than just beautification. Cosmetics were woven into the spiritual web of religious practices, and at times had even magical purposes.

    Makeup was worn in the same way one would wear a protection amulet, against spiritual maleficence as well as protection from the elements.

    From Sumerians, Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Greeks and Romans. To Dynastic and Imperial China, and the Geisha in Japan in as early as the 7th century. Throughout Europe in middle ages, and renaissance, and later into the regency period. From Queen Punabi, the powerful Sumerian ruler, to the Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra, to Weetamoo, a female Sachem (or chief) of the Wampanoag tribe of Massachusetts — cosmetics have been an important and intimate player in the daily life of humans for nearly our entire written history.

    Lip & Cheek Sticks

    Color, vitality, dimension.

    A resplendent tapestry of earthen delights. Our Lip & Cheek Sticks play the role of universal color. They’ve been created to infuse beautiful, delicate color onto the face for a flush of blooming vitality. These creamy, buttery color sticks moisturize and nourish the skin while creating a dewy luminescence that sets your skin alight. They are highly adaptable, very forgiving, and easy to use. Touch. Feel. Press.

    Natural mineral pigments are woven into a base of Kpersi Village shea butter, clay, argan and rosehip oils creating versatile and nourishing color. These colors can be worn sheer with a single swipe and subdued by blending in with fingers, or layered and built upon for more intense pigmentation.

    We like to wear and blend two or more at once to create customized colors.

    The base for these precious pigments: Rosehip, castor, argan, and jojoba oils, kaolin clay, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, orange and vanilla oil, and mineral pigments.

    The colors

    Deep garnet

    Deep Garnet is a rich, sensual brick red. The land between wine and rust. A classic color that is universally flattering, it can be worn sheer for a small hint of a flush, or built up for a more dramatic look.

    Bronze opal

    Bronze Opal is a lush, earthy copper-bronze to warm, deepen and illuminate. It adds beautiful depth and dimension to the face on cheeks and lips, and makes an extraordinary eye color. It can be applied with our detail brush as a subtle, enchanting liner that makes your eye color pop.

    Rose quartz

    Rose Quartz is a luminous petal pink. A delicate floral flush infused into skin. Soft but not pastel. Natural. Fresh. Springtime blooms. Rose Quartz makes a lovely and youthful blush, and when sheered out can act as a flattering rosie highlight.

    Delicate reflection

    Delicate Reflection is moonlit luminescence. Ancient poetry on the skin. Subtle, radiant, and you. This silky pearl pigment is a universal luminizer and highlighter, and beautifully infuses the skin with ethereal light. Used around the upper planes of the cheekbones, it can softly blur the appearance of fine lines.


    As lip color: Apply directly to lips. For a precise application, use the evanhealy Small Detail Lip Brush.

    As cheek colour: Use fingertips or apply directly to the apples of the cheeks. Use fingertips or a brush to blend the colour out and towards the hairline.

    As highlight: Use fingertips or apply directly to high planes of the face such as the cheek bones. Blend with fingertips or a brush. For small areas, such as the cupids bow, center of the bottom lip, tip of nose and brow bones use the evanhealy Small Detail Lip Brush to apply.

    As eye color:Lip & Cheek Stick can also be used to achieve a shimmery eye look. Apply a small amount to lids and blend.

    Sheer Cover Stick

    Our Sheer Cover Sticks are our complexion companion, and play the versatile role of foundation, concealer, and sunscreen — all in one.

    Adaptable, buildable, and blendable, our Cover Sticks can be worn sheer and blended, to even out the appearance of discoloration, and for a subtle, blurring effect. Or can be built up for a more medium-to-full coverage.

    - Provides luminous, buildable, buttery coverage — neutralizing the appearance of redness, blemishes, and scarring, while blurring the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections — all without settling into small creases and crevices

    - Prevents trans-epidermal waterloss

    - Sweat-resistant for all-day and all-season wear

    - Adaptable

    - Buildable

    - Blendable

    - Sheer to medium-full coverage

    Argan, jojoba, raspberry seed, sunflower, and coconut oil weave into Kpersi Village shea butter and cocoa butter to provide a rich bounty of nourishment, while beeswax, candelilla and carnauba wax join together to seal in moisture and create long-lasting coverage. Non-nano Zinc Oxide joins with mineral pigments to both visibly perfect the complexion, and prevent oxidative damage from solar rays.

    NOTE: For full SPF coverage, Sheer Cover Stick needs to be applied to ‘full coverage’ and then blended in with fingertips.

    If you’re between colors — or simply want to add dimension to your face you can use two (or even all three) colors, and blend with your fingers or a brush.

    The colors


    A rich mahogany with neutral to cool undertones.

    Mocha can also be worn as a contour on lighter skin tones - blended onto the underside of the cheekbones, around the hairline, and along either side of the nose. It can also be worn on lips, eyes, or even like a blush on the apples of the cheeks.


    A warm, golden olive.

    Almond is a very adaptable color that covers and shifts to a range of skin tones, from fair to medium and olive complexions.


    A neutral-to-warm creamy beige for fair complexions.

    Medium to dark complexions can use Sandstone to subtly highlight the face by applying in a C-shape around the brow and cheekbone, down the bridge of the nose, and between the brows.


    Dark as a moonless night, Full Eclipse Clay Mascara is a deep, lush black. It provides natural definition and separation, and is a dream for sensitive eyes.

    Full Eclipse is clay-based and formulated specifically to be used in conjunction with our skin care and cosmetics. It is not water-resistant, but oil-resistant — meaning the oils from your skin care and cosmetics will not smear/smudge it. With our oil-loving ways this smudging had been a lifelong issue for us no matter what mascara we tried. That is until now.

    It provides great long-lasting wear with no flaking — and truly wonderful for lower lashes.

    Full Eclipse Mascara is something akin the lash enhancers of the ancients. An ancient Egyptian recipe calls for pigment (from ash, bone, minerals), honey (a humectant), water,and crocodile dung. We left that last peculiar ingredient out, but aside from that stayed quite true to the formula.

    Here’s how it compares: bentonite clay and iron oxide (mineral pigment), witch hazel distillate (a plant water), glycerin (a humectant), acacia gum (a binder, perhaps our replacement for crocodile dung), silver citrate (preservative), citric acid (preservative).

    And a tip before applying — To add extra volume and definition, multiple layers can be applied, but don’t allow the mascara to dry between coats. Just keep sweeping onto lashes until desired volume is achieved.

    Brow Pomade

    Little pots of dark, creamy pigment. Our Brow Pomades provide rich, long-lasting color to sparse brows. The star of this formula is brow-nourishing castor oil, supported by a lovely cast of other nutritious cold-pressed oils. Waxes and butters hold brows in place while mineral pigments fill in gaps and add sculpted definition for a strong, natural looking brow.

    These highly pigmented pomades can also be used as eye smudges dabbed around eyes with fingers, or with a brush for a more defined, lined look. They can even be blended with any of the Lip & Cheek Sticks to darken and add more dimension and depth.

    One of our team members likes to lightly line her lips using the Small Detail Lip Brush and Dark Brown Brow Pomade, soften the line with her fingertips, and then apply the Mocha Sheer Tint Cover Stick in Mocha to her lips and gently blend the two together to create semi-matte, soft nude brown lip color.

    The colors


    An ash-tinged medium brown. The pomades can be applied with a light touch to fairer-haired individuals, or with a heavier-touch for a more dramatic look. A very adaptable color that works on many complexions.

    Dark brown

    A darker, warmer brown for darker-haired individuals. Also, our favorite choice to use as an eye smudge.


    Begin by grooming eyebrows into place using the spoolie end of the evanhealy Duo Brow Brush.Apply a small amount of brow pomade with feather-like strokes by using the flat angled end of the brush. Follow the natural shape of your brow with less product to create a subtle, polished look. If desired, comb brows again with a clean spoolie to remove and blend excess pomade. A sculpted look can be achieved by first outlining the desired shape of the brow before filling in. For a natural look, begin application a bit past the start of the brow using a light touch. Concentrate colour on the tail of the brow without extending too far beyond the outer corner of the eye.