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    Introducing Sanctuary Collection

    Introducing Sanctuary Collection

    Sanctuary for the world. Sanctuary for the skin.

    We have launched our most important endeavor yet: the Sanctuary Program, and by extension, our Sanctuary Collection.

    Sanctuary is a small collection of products developed with the intention to help create sanctuary in the world, while simultaneously creating sanctuary for the skin. $1 from each bottle of our Sanctuary Collection will go to nonprofit organizations that support human rights and environmental justice, with a new organization as the recipient every month.

    Sanctuary is the natural and inevitable evolution and culmination of our mission and our commitment to creating and providing a safe and healing space through our work in the world —  to individuals in their own skin, and to the greater community.

    Skin care is never just skin care, even if we wish it was. Business is never just business, even if we hope for it to be so. Nothing exists in isolation, and all actions cause an impact whether you plan for them to or not. The interconnectedness between all life exists whether we notice it or not, acknowledge it or not, and whether we recognize our role in it or not.

    All of these invisible connections mean that to engage carelessly, without consideration or intent, can be far more damaging than one might realize. That all our thoughtless actions we might assume to be inconsequential can have much more weight, consequence and effect than we ever imagined. As individuals, as businesses, as communities and as cultures.

    This is why we at evanhealy are dedicated to conscious and considerate action toward all the life our business touches. From the earth that grows the plants that become our ingredients, to the people that tend to the plants and the land, the people who turn those plants into skin-loving ingredients, to our team at evanhealy headquarters and beyond, and to the end users of our products. 

    Everything matters. Unseen moments and invisible threads of connection included. The earth, the plants, the people. The impact of the imagery and the language, and how it feels to experience it. The consideration of all this is what it means to be a holistic skin care company. (Read more in depth about our thoughts about the responsibility of holism in our blog Holistic Means Everyone.)

    This last year has been a rough one. Difficult, painful, heartbreaking — for so many different reasons. Our team has been deeply affected by the constant injustices that felt as if they were happening everysingle day. And all that heartbreak, that anger, that feeling of helplessness? It all left us hungry. Hungry to do more in our mission to create sanctuary.

    Thus, the Sanctuary Program was born. Or at least conceived. And it’s spent the last year gestating as we’ve prepared to send it out into the world. The Sanctuary Program and Collection is a further, deeper and more tangible expression of our mission. 

    Sparked from our profound desire and passion to provide therapeutic peace, and create safe space for the skin, for the earth, for its human communities, Sanctuary is a marriage of care for the individual and care for the collective. It’s an ongoing project we plan to continue to develop and expand over the months and years to come.

    The launch of these first two products —  Phase One, as we call it — focuses on a nourishing and diverse blend of oils called the Sanctuary Complex: a therapeutic and supportive blend of some of our favorite, most beloved oils. It celebrates the healing and necessary power of diversity. The products were formulated to provide a supremely nutrient-dense, nutrient-diverse dose of moisture to rejuvenate, replenish, beautify and create sanctuary for all skin.

    evanhealy Sanctuary SerumSANCTUARY SERUM

    Ideal for dry, dull, sensitive & mature skin.


    Rosehip. Argan. Pomegranate. Prickly Pear. Sea Buckthorn. Calendula Infused Olive. Vanilla infused Jojoba.

    Our most precious oils, united together in a resplendent botanical feast. Sanctuary Serum is a topical multi-omega, multivitamin, multi-nutrient for skin and is the foundation and heart of our Phase I Sanctuary Collection. Luxurious and rich, this essential-oil-free antioxidant complex draws upon our favorite skin-loving oils from around the world to provide profound moisture, radiance and barrier support. 



    evanhealy Sanctuary Nectar BalmSANCTUARY NECTAR BALM

    Ideal for ultra-dry, depleted, dull, stressed, sensitive & mature skin.


    Sanctuary Nectar Balm Concentrate is a potent balm-concentrate version of the Sanctuary Serum, created for individuals looking for a richer, more cocooning and comforting moisture step. Sanctuary Serum, but richer. 

    Like the serum, it’s a topical multi-omega, multivitamin and multi-nutrient. Ultra-luxurious and rich, our Sanctuary Antioxidant Complex draws upon our favorite skin-loving oils from around the world to provide profound moisture, radiance and barrier support. With the addition of Kperisi Village shea butter and organic beeswax, this balm seals in moisture and prevents trans-epidermal water loss, keeping the skin perfectly supple, luminous and comforted.



    The Promise of


    The Sanctuary Collection centers around three core factors.

    The Promise of Sanctuary



    Proceeds ($1 per bottle) gathered from the sales of our Sanctuary Collection will be donated to nonprofit organizations that promote sanctuary in all its multifaceted forms. Each month a new organization will be the recipient and shared at 




    Honoring Community. We mean this in two ways: First, acknowledging our global partners in creating sanctuary: the community of our ingredient suppliers & stewards around the world who make these products possible. And second, acknowledging the community of plants with all their beautiful nutrient density and diversity that make these products so remarkable. Diverse communities of people and plants enrich the world and cultivate vibrant health.



    Gentle, deep, therapeutic nourishment from the most nutrient-rich & skin supportive plants on the planet. Formulated as a feast for the skin, and created to provide a calming shroud of comfort and peace for all skin.

    Meet the




    Our favorite choice for scarred, hyperpigmented and sun-kissed skin, rich in the precursor to vitamin A, trans-retinoic acid. 



    A softening, barrier supporting, soothing oil, rich in vitamin E & phytosterols & squalene. 



    Thick and cushiony, pomegranate seed oil feeds the skin all the regenerative qualities of this mythic underworld fertility fruit that ripens when the rest of the natural world is in decay. Endless beauty.



    A powerhouse of antioxidants pressed from cactus seeds, rich in vitamin E & K. 



    An abundance of riches. One of the most nutrient-rich, nutrient diverse oils on the planet. 



     Two of the most time-honored skin allies. Soothing and brightening calendula flower infused into olive oil,  a beloved ancient skin care staple since time immemorial. 



     Jojoba resembles human sebum more closely than any other plant lipid, making it the perfect skin harmonizer.


    Double (and then some) your contribution. 

    evanhealy Sanctuary bundleTo celebrate the Sanctuary Program we are devoting a limited number of Sanctuary Bundles —  containing a full size Sanctuary Serum and Sanctuary Nectar Balm —  to more-than-double the donations that will contribute to our organizations.


    from every Sanctuary Bundle will go toward the current months Sanctuary Recipient. 

    Supplies are limited. 



    Our Mission


    Our mission is to create sanctuary.

    For you, and for all the beings we touch.

    Sanctuary for the earth, who creates the powerful and therapeutic plants we use in our formulations.

    For its stewards, our ingredient suppliers, who cultivate, tend and harvest with exquisite devotion and care to bring us the finest plant material.

    For our team whose commitment to community inspires us daily.

    And for you who share our devotion to the natural world and transformation of modern beauty ideals.

    We aim to have each movement crafted with reverence, responsibility, and consideration. We strive to revive a sense of the sacred, and plant seeds of a beauty that empower all.

    Let us be your sanctuary.



    We hope that these products and this program can provide a small small window to a big world. That through it, we will spread awareness about important causes and ignored injustices, while giving these amazing organizations an opportunity for their voice to reach our community of holistic skin care enthusiasts. We hope that this work inspires you to create sanctuary with all of your actions too. 

    Join us in our mission to create true sanctuary for all.