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    DigDeep - Sanctuary Recipient August 2021

    DigDeep - Sanctuary Recipient August 2021

    2.2M+ Americans still don’t have hot and cold running water, a bathtub or shower, or a working flush toilet. At least 44 million more don’t have clean water that’s safe to drink.

    This month our Sanctuary Recipient is DigDeep, a human rights non-profit organization working to ensure every American has equitable access to clean, running water, forever. $1 from every bottle of our Sanctuary Collection goes directly to their work.

    Community-led Projects


    More than 30% of Navajo homes in America still don’t have a tap or toilet at home. Last year, DigDeep brought clean, hot and cold running water into over 300 Navajo homes in the Southwest through their Navajo Water Project. Their recently launched Appalachia Water Project aims to bring clean drinking water to residents who don’t have running water, or where tap water is too dangerous to drink because of 100-year-old water pipes failing and contamination from coal mines. All of DigDeep’s projects are developed from within local communities - the work is led by local professionals and creates high-paying jobs within the community.

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    Navajo Water Project | Appalachia Water Project

    DIG DEEP- women and waterResearch-based Change

    DigDeep invests in sector-leading research to understand who experiences water poverty, what drives the challenge, how communities are coping, and how they can most powerfully assist.

    Their recent report found that Race is the strongest predictor of water and sanitation access. Native Americans households are 19x more likely than white households to lack indoor plumbing, Black and Latinx households are twice as likely.

    They also found that progress is uneven, and some communities are backsliding. The number of Americans without running water is increasing in 6 states and Puerto Rico. At the same time, Federal funding for water has actually decreased, with funding only 14% of what it was in 1977.

    Help end water poverty in America

    Access to clean, reliable running water and safe sanitation are essential for health, prosperity and wellbeing, but it remains out of reach for some of the most vulnerable people in the United States. Every American deserves clean, running water at home, so that our communities can stay clean, healthy and vibrant.donate DIG DEEP


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    Our Sanctuary Collection


    Sanctuary Serum

    Sanctuary Serum

    Gentle, deep, therapeutic nourishment from the most nutrient-rich & skin supportive plants on the planet. Formulated as a feast for the skin, and created to provide a calming shroud of comfort and peace for all skin.


    Sanctuary Nectar Balm

    Sanctuary Nectar Balm

    Potent balm-version of our Sanctuary Serum created for individuals looking for a richer, more cocooning and comforting moisture step. Like the serum, it’s a topical multi-omega, multi-vitamin, and multi-nutrient.