Ancient Alchemy

  • These beautiful alembic copper stills look like temples, and in some ways they are. Sacred places where divinity dwells, emanating grace. Here the spirits of the plant are transformed into matter through the mysterious alchemy of the elements we call distillation.

  • This fluid ‘plant-milk’ embodies the soul of the plant, symbolizing a transformation of spirit (ether) into matter (water). Aromatic molecules are part of the plant’s immune system and a hydrosol represents the watery aspect of this complex, intelligent system – a system that has biologically adapted over millions of years to live in symbiotic harmony with its environment.

  • Hydrosols are gentle botanical remedies and their extraordinary aromatic vitality acts to subtly reawaken the quiet connection we have to nature. Distillation is a transformation in many ways. Being with the earth and participating in this ancient alchemy, like the plants, we too are transformed.

  • The plants are harvested by hand at peak hours then immediately packed into hand-hammered alembic copper stills. They are distilled at low temperatures, over the course of several hours. This slow, labor-intensive artisan process creates a vitalizing and energetic hydrosol, offering subtle, aromatic benefits for all skin. In contrast, conventional distillation distills primarily for the essential oil – the hydrosol being reduced to a by-product – and uses stainless steel and high temperatures; the entire process typically lasting only forty-five minutes.

  • Truth seekers should look for: HydroSouls distilled in copper, at low temperatures over several hours, as the primary distillate.

  • Truth heals: Copper-distilled artisanal HydroSouls offer significantly more benefit and value to the skin than by-product hydrosols.

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