American Family Farm Revival

  • Mass-produced industrialized agriculture that is organic is a paradox. Unfortunately, it is also the stark and dominant reality of the organic industry. Though what it means to be organic is simple and ancient, the modern agriculture industry makes it into a marketing tool, cutting corners wherever possible and lobbying to lower certification standards. In this model, the land is a cash cow and profit and productivity are the primary priorities, with little consideration of the health of the land, or the health of our bodies.

  • To remedy this, we have cultivated rich relationships with small family farms, who respect the original paradigm of organic farming. These farms carry integrity in their hearts and profound consideration for the long-term health of the soil, the earth, and our bodies. All of our hydrosols and essential oils are sourced from these small family farms.

  • Truth seekers should look for: Companies with direct relationships to the farms they work with.

  • Truth heals: Authentically organic plant material is nutrient-dense, therapeutic and free from industrial toxins. Purchasing from small organic farms protects against mono-cropping and the industrialization of agriculture. The biodiversity created by small farms heals the soil and our bodies.


Since 2007

Acres cultivated: 200+ | Farms engaged: 9+
Individuals at work: 25+ | Families engaged: 11
# of crops: 8 | Invested: $600,000+

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